15 Negative Side Effects of the Prohibition of Cannabis

A Few of the Negative Social Effects of Cannabis Prohibition

When one does the research, it is plain to see cannabis prohibition has a large number of negative side effects on society. The majority of these effects are not even thought of by the people pushing cannabis prohibition. This affects very single person, even those who do not currently use cannabis. It is shocking just how far the effects reach and how ignorant everyone is about them.

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DEA Misinformationists On The Net?

What Freedom of Information Act Requests Would Prove Out DEA Involvement in Cannabis DIS-Information Campaigns?

I personally spent several years online helping growers learn how to grow decent cannabis. Over those years I saw new sources of incorrect information appear year after year. The passing along of this information by well intentioned growers has caused a lot of poor cannabis and less than optimal growing environments to be created.

Are you involved in requesting documents through the Freedom of Information Act? Do you know someone who does? What type of information is required to file one?

Case in Point

There was a grower who appeared one year, going by the name of Heath Robinson. They posted and made a lot of noise about their new system of growing they’d set up. A vertical, undercurrent type grow that used significantly more resources to both build and maintain. The yields and quality? Meh, hardly worth all the extra effort for similar results from much more efficient (and simpler) systems.

Though it always struck me as odd, it wasn’t until just recently that it occurred to me that I should look up the name Heath Robinson. Check out what WikiPedia has entered in for this person…

William Heath Robinson (31 May 1872 – 13 September 1944) was an English cartoonist and illustrator best known for drawings of ridiculously complicated machines for achieving simple objectives.[1]

Coincidence??  I hardly doubt it.

What do you think??



Using CBD Extract Oil With Cannabis in a Glass Bat

Smoking CBD Extract Using a Paperclip, a Lighter, Some Bud and a Glass Bat

Ever find yourself with some really nice extract and only regular smoking tools? I made a quick video showing how to add oil to your bud with a simple paper clip and a lighter. Make sure to pre-burn the paperclip or piece of metal and wipe it clean. Once the oil has been melted in to the bud you can cover it with a bit of powdered bud. This will act as a screen and keep the flame from directly burning the oil, instead of nicely vaping it.


As you can see, the oil is easily heated by inserting a hot paperclip.  I heat the paperclip until the oil residue on it just begins to smoke. Poking the tip into the oil will heat it to the point it begins to flow down into the bud.

Hope this helped in a pinch.

Keep it Clean!