15 Negative Side Effects of the Prohibition of Cannabis

A Few of the Negative Social Effects of Cannabis Prohibition

When one does the research, it is plain to see cannabis prohibition has a large number of negative side effects on society. The majority of these effects are not even thought of by the people pushing cannabis prohibition. This affects very single person, even those who do not currently use cannabis. It is shocking just how far the effects reach and how ignorant everyone is about them.

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The Importance of a Balanced Nutrient Profile When Flowering Cannabis

Accurately Measure Nutes and Use a Balanced Nutrient Profile to Grow Superior Cannabis

My last flowering run was the first time in 15 years that I’ve not accurately measured my nutrients. Now I understand why most hydroponically grown cannabis is the way it is. 2 Reservoirs, 4 plants and neither was accurately measured. The product from both reservoirs meets my OPB criteria. Other People’s Bud.

Low yield, extra stemmy, burns hot, didn’t fade like I’m used to, terpene profile is completely off, one set of plants was extra leafy and the potency just isn’t there. Very disappointed in myself for this run. Instead of orange/citrus, the bud smells more like pine trees and the effect is just flat.

How Do I Measure Accurately?

Up until this last run I’ve always used a 60cc syringe and liquid nutrients. Though I have not done it myself, using a scale to weigh powdered nutrients would be the same accuracy. I would guess a gram scale with .01 accuracy would be fine, possibly too accurate?

The use of the syringe allows me a fine enough measure that I’ve not been able to notice a difference in quality anything like this before. This last run I used a tablespoon measure and I’ll not be doing that again.

Balanced Nutrient Profile?

Cannabis is an accumulator plant. When more nutrient is supplied to the plant than it needs the extra material is used for structural support. Like extra layers of paint, the extra is used up within new growth. On top of all this, the profile needs to be balanced to account for the pH swing as well. Without a full pH swing I don’t believe it’s possible to grow truly clean cannabis.

Cannabis evolved with a pH swing. In soil the pH swing is a mild one as the soil dries out. With roots-in hydroponics systems the pH swing must happen within the reservoir. Roots-out hydro systems go through a mild pH swing as the medium dries out between waterings. In each case the best cannabis will come from setups that provide a full and regular pH swing.

What Do I Use?

I use a base mix that works decent with nearly any cannabis strain and then tweak it to the needs of each specific strain I run. I use that mix in an environment that provides a full pH swing within the beneficial range. The tweaks I use are very minimal and, as I’ve so recently found out, need to be precisely measured.

I use very few additives and am careful to match their effects on pH to keep things in full swing and healthy. I use a bit of quality Epsom salt, some liquid silicon at proper times and an appropriate amount of fulvic/humic acids. Cannabis requires very little else than micro/macro nutrients to produce superbly complex and delicious terpene profiles.

Keep it Clean!



Grow Cannabis, Not MOLD!

The Number One Cause of “Damage” to Property, From Cannabis Growers, Is MOLD!

Mold grows rapidly at 80F and 70-80% Humidity. Lower the humidity and temp and mold does not grow that well at all. Cannabis grows rapidly in a large number of environmental conditions and actually grows the finest cannabis in conditions that do not contribute to mold growth. So why are growers growing mold with their cannabis? I chalk it up to prohibition restricting information and ignorant (or paid disinformationist) growers spreading incorrect information about cannabis.

Prohibition of outdoor growing and restriction of proper information on growing cannabis indoor is causing significant damage to property. Areas where the temps are high and the humidity is high are areas where cannabis really needs to be grown outdoor. Changing an indoor environment to be dry and cool in those areas is done with the use of dehumidifiers and air conditioning, both very expensive additions to a grow.

What’s worse? People in dry/cool areas heating their rooms and letting humidity climb to ridiculous levels. This ridiculous notion that your grow rooms have to be like Hawaii or Columbia is causing a lot of problems. It’s also causing lower quality cannabis to be produced.

You Want More Trichomes?

Everyone would appreciate more trichomes on their cannabis, right? Trichomes are the main storage containers in cannabis for THC and terpenes, CBD is there and in the plant matter itself. You want more potent cannabis, you’ll want as dense of a forest of trichomes as your cannabis strains can possibly produce. Cannabis actually produces more trichomes per square inch when grown in a dry environment. Cannabis uses the layer of trichomes to create a micro-climate next to the plant that’s a higher humidity than the surrounding air. The dryer the environment, the more trichomes are produced per square inch to create a higher humidity within that micro-climate.

Transpiration is the Key to Massive Cannabis Growth

Transpiration is the movement of water and nutrients through a cannabis plant. Cannabis uses transpiration for cooling, nutrient transportation, and for creating a humid micro-climate. When cannabis is grown in a cool (68F-72F) environment it hardly uses any transpiration for cooling. When cannabis is grown in a dry (15%-30% RH) environment it uses a significant amount of transpiration for keeping that micro-climate hydrated. When the nutrient strength is kept low enough to prevent over-feeding, the amount of transpiration in this environment provides plenty of nutrient availability for the plant.

Why High Humidity and Cannabis Sucks

When growing in a high humidity environment, little to no transpiration is used for creating that micro-climate. The cannabis plant will produce fewer trichomes per square inch. Higher temperatures must be used in a high humidity environment so that transpiration rates are kept high. The plant is using transpiration to cool itself down to the 72F it prefers. Using an laser heat sensor shows that cannabis leaves stay below 75F, even in 80F+ temperatures, as long as transpiration rates are high enough to provide enough cooling.

You like terpenes? THC/CBD… they’re pretty much a ‘flat’ experience without the full terpene profile cannabis produces. Your job as a grower is to provide an environment where cannabis produces the fullest range and levels of terpenes possible. Cannabis grown in dry/cool environments are simply exploding with terpene complexity and potency when compared to high humidity, high heat cannabis.

Keep it Cool and Dry

You’ll truly appreciate the difference in the cannabis you grow when it’s grown for quality, the way prohibition doesn’t want you to. Join the ranks of the elite, grow some superior cannabis today!

Keep it Clean!



DEA Misinformationists On The Net?

What Freedom of Information Act Requests Would Prove Out DEA Involvement in Cannabis DIS-Information Campaigns?

I personally spent several years online helping growers learn how to grow decent cannabis. Over those years I saw new sources of incorrect information appear year after year. The passing along of this information by well intentioned growers has caused a lot of poor cannabis and less than optimal growing environments to be created.

Are you involved in requesting documents through the Freedom of Information Act? Do you know someone who does? What type of information is required to file one?

Case in Point

There was a grower who appeared one year, going by the name of Heath Robinson. They posted and made a lot of noise about their new system of growing they’d set up. A vertical, undercurrent type grow that used significantly more resources to both build and maintain. The yields and quality? Meh, hardly worth all the extra effort for similar results from much more efficient (and simpler) systems.

Though it always struck me as odd, it wasn’t until just recently that it occurred to me that I should look up the name Heath Robinson. Check out what WikiPedia has entered in for this person…

William Heath Robinson (31 May 1872 – 13 September 1944) was an English cartoonist and illustrator best known for drawings of ridiculously complicated machines for achieving simple objectives.[1]

Coincidence??  I hardly doubt it.

What do you think??