Prohibition Causes Cannabis Psychosis in Our Youth!

“Our Youth are at Risk From Cannabis Psychosis”

End Prohibition and End the Cannabis Psychosis Risk!

Cannabis Psychosis… You read about it, you’ve heard other people mention it, it’s on tv and it’s in every anti-cannabis information and ‘treatment’ program on the planet.

Cannabis use by our youth puts them at risk for what the ‘experts’ are calling “Cannabis Psychosis.”

What you don’t hear mentioned is the ‘type’ of cannabis being used or the cannabinoid profile of the cannabis being used.  This is critical information and doing studies without it is like comparing the performance of different engines… using different types of fuel.

Prohibition is the Culprit!

I’m here to deliver you the information behind WHY cannabis has become (not IS) a contributor to this risk in our youth and how prohibition is actually the main perpetrator of these events.

Pressures on the cannabis community, applied by prohibition for decades, have been the main pressures that have created psychosis contributing cannabis strains.

Cannabis has definitely been changed by the pressures of prohibition.

Prohibition Pressures on Breeder Focus

Prohibition has caused an increasing demand for higher yielding strains of cannabis.  Since prohibition restricts the square footage of the places you can grow… you want the maximum amount of cannabis per square foot from each plant.  Only makes sense… right?

Prohibition has caused an increasing demand for stronger cannabis.  Users of cannabis pay much more for more potent cannabis.  The Federal stance on drug abuse aside… the main benefits of ‘stronger pot’ is you’re able to use less and it lasts longer.  It also, conveniently, takes up less space.

Higher Yield per Year

So you want more cannabis per square foot from your plants?  You want Indica based cannabis then…   Cannabis Indica grows short at 2′-4′ and yields very heavily.

The most common flowering time required for a full indica cannabis plant is around 60 days.  This means you can get almost 6 full harvests in a year with a fully dialed in garden and a 60 day strain. In Contrast… Cannabis Sativas can yield up to 50% less cannabis than Cannabis Indica, can reach flowering heights of 15-20 feet and take 90 days or longer to finish flowering. This means you’ll be lucky to get four harvests a year with 90 day strain in a fully dialed in garden.

So roughly… if the cannabis indica plant is producing 10lbs for the area 6 times a year, the garden is producing 60lbs of cannabis a year.

If the cannabis sativa plant is producing 5lb for the same area and only gets 4 harvests a year that’s 20lbs of cannabis a year.

Which type of cannabis, as an illegal grower for profit, would YOU choose to grow and sell?  Yes, pretty easy to choose between the profits from 60lbs and from 20lbs…  You can see why cannabis indica has been used by cannabis breeders extensively.

The Potency

I have, and have watched others, smoke an entire eight of weak cannabis in an hour.  I much prefer to take a half gram and put it in my dugout and have it last the entire day.

I, and apparently a large segment of the cannabis using population, are willing to pay a lot more for potent cannabis.  Less to have to hide… you know?

Breeders have been aware of this for decades and have naturally selected for the cannabis that gets you the highest or most stoned from the smallest amount.

You grow 400 plants and 3 stand out above the rest as being particularly potent… you breed with the 3.  In the end you’ll make more money for more potent cannabis.

For Every Action…

There is an Equal and Opposite REACTION… this law of nature goes way beyond the little experiments you did in physics class in high school.

This law is universal in all things… you cannot do anything in this world without affecting other objects and events around your action.

What is the result of breeders selecting for yield and potency?

Well… let’s take a look at ‘Today’s Cannabis’… shall we?  These pressures have created a whole range of unique strains of cannabis… with some unforeseen side effects.

Most of the ‘popular’ strains available commercially today have a few things in common.  Those would be:

  • Indica and Indica-Dominant Cannabinoid Profiles (Yield pressure)
  • 15-24% THC Production (Potency Pressure)
  • 1%-.5% CBD Production (Potency Pressure)

Let’s take an individual look at each of these properties…

Indica and Indica-Dominant Cannabinoid Profiles

So, the presence of Indica and Indica-Dominant cannabis strains is no big surprise… they yield more per square foot and have more harvests in a year.

What you may not be aware of is that Indica cannabinoids are responsible for the spacey, uphoric, dumbed down effects that cannabis can have.

People like myself who like to actually ‘think’ and use their brains tend to avoid indica and indica dominant cannabis.

The Character “Spicoli” from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” is a classic example of the “Stoner Stereotype” and is essentially what the uneducated picture when the term “Medical Cannabis” is mentioned.  Sad really.


This should not be a surprise either and those numbers are looking to be close to the maximum that nature can produce in the plant.

These super potent strains of cannabis are… amazingly potent.  Breeders have been quite successful at maximizing the output of THC in cannabis.

1%-.5% CBD?

What’s CBD and why is it listed with Potency??  Cannabidiol (CBD) is another cannabinoid oil produced by the cannabis plant.  It turns out that CBD is listed as affecting potency because it regulates how THC affects your body.

The less CBD a strain has, the stronger the THC will feel.  The cannabis will ‘feel’ like it has a stronger amount of THC in it than it does… simply because there’s less CBD regulating it.

CBD is so strong in its ability to regulate THC that cannabis with a higher amount of CBD than THC will not get you ‘stoned’ or ‘high’.

Using cannabis with extreme amounts of CBD and little to no THC will make you ‘come down’ and be not ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ from high THC cannabis you used earlier.

CBD regulates the effects of THC on the psyche…  The more CBD in the cannabis, the less effect the THC has on your psyche and the less the risk for psychosis.

Recreational Cannabis & Psychosis

The pressures of prohibition have brought about the commercial breeding of Indica and Indica-Dominant cannabis that has ultra-high levels of THC and ultra-low levels of CBD… creating strains of cannabis that significantly contribute to:

  • Memory loss
  • Confusion
  • Lethargy
  • Psychosis

 I’m classifying these high THC, low to no CBD strains of cannabis as “Recreational Cannabis

Recreational Cannabis

The effect of using recreational cannabis can be described as being hit in the forehead with a wet 2×4.  THUNK!

I once had “The Cut” of East Coast Sour Diesel (ECSD)… one giant bong rip of that and by the time you exhaled… you would forget what you were holding in your hands and go looking for them… keys, lighter, bud, etc…  Instant memory loss from lack of CBD.  Wow!

Not my kinda cannabis… sorry.

Over use of Marinol will cause ‘Manic Psychosis’ and is well documented.

Without CBD… Marinol has proved to be pretty much useless, especially when compared to full plant extracts of cannabis… the new information on CBD is helping to explain that.

The most potent commercial cannabis, without the CBD that used to be there, is acting like Marinol in many ways and overuse by teens (who are almost all troubled by growing up in our diseased society) can cause issues… just as if they were eating too many Marinol pills.

Look at all of the research studies that have used marinol or pure THC for their studies and they all lead to psychosis.  All the studies coming out about CBD report the complete opposite of THC and are using it as a treatment/cure instead.

Some wonderful things are shaping up in the world these days. :D

 Medicinal Cannabis Brings Hope

This new awareness of the power of CBD has come to the attention of some breeders.  These brave few have been focusing on high CBD strains of cannabis.

Some strains are hitting as high as 24% CBD and as low as .5%THC… promising numbers indeed.

Strains such as Cannatonic, Sour Tsunami, Ghost Rider, Jamaican Lion and Omrita Rx3 are known to be high in CBD and low in THC.

Some of these strains are producing higher amounts of CBD than THC and those are truly welcome by many people.

When you use cannabis that has a higher CBD content than THC… there’s no “High” or “Stone” to it and zero chance of Cannabis Psychosis.

Your motor skills are not affected… your depth perception and judgment are not affected… none of the negative side effects associated with THC inebriation are experienced.

High CBD, low THC strains allow medication without Inebriation!


Cloned Harlequin Cut...Anti Cannabis Psychosis Strain

Harlequin Clone Rooted and Hardened Off

I’m lucky to have been gifted with a cut of cannabis called “Harlequin.”

Harlequin is 8%CBD and only 6%THC… meaning that there’s no ‘high’ or ‘stone’ for me when I medicate with it.

After 25 years of having to get ‘high’ before I was focused and stable… it’s a new feeling to be focused and stable… without the high. :D  Great Feeling!

I’ve been taking cuttings and cloning cuts for other people as often as I can. (It’s ok… you don’t have to call the feds, I live in Colorado)

I assure you that I’ve used large quantities of this plant and have not gotten ‘stoned’ or ‘high’ at all…. if anything I only experienced a deepening of the background ‘mellow’ that it brings with it.

I’m personally looking forward to having enough of this strain around to stay medicated on a regular basis.  I experienced noticeable improvements in my mood, focus, memory and autistic traits in the 7 day and 10 day periods I was able to use it.

I’ll be making Canna Pills out of it and taking them 3 times a day.

Canna Pills allow me to stay evenly medicated all day… I wake up medicated and have time to take a pill before the night time pill wears off. My nausea, mood control, focus, memory, pain and a slew of other issues are greatly improved… without having to be chained to a dugout.

War Veteran? PTSD?

Nightmares?  Anxiety makes it difficult/impossible to leave the house or be in crowded/noisy places?

Using a joints worth of Harlequin a day has allowed PTSD sufferers to leave all that behind.  They’re getting their lives back without getting high or stoned or having a medication interfere with how their brain and emotional systems work.

What’s THAT worth to you?

End Prohibition!  Begin the Healing of Cannabis and Our Population!



Keep it Clean! :D

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