Cannabis Is Delicious!

Clean Cannabis is a Deliciously Fantastic Assault of Terpenes and Flavanoids, a True Connoisseur’s Delight

30+ years ago, the cannabis I used was not delicious, as a matter of fact is was pretty bad. I recognized at an early age that it helped me in various ways, so I kept using it. I didn’t know what cannabis was supposed to taste and smell like anyway.

Today, when I sample cannabis from the locals in Colorado, the problem is still there. Cannabis grown using the most widely published information on the planet is just gross. I’ve sampled cannabis from mulitple states and from multiple dispensaries. They’re all pretty much the same, with better quality often coming from street cannabis.

It’s All About Expression

When the cannabis plant is allowed to fully express itself, without stress or contamination, the end result is ridiculously amazing. I’m not personally aware of any plant on the planet that is capable of producing as many types of terpenes and flavanoids as cannabis and the list of flavor/aroma combinations found so far is extensive.

Warm orange flavor with hints of lemon and spice, creamy sweet sugar with a faint berry after flavor, in your face lemon like a sour lemon head candy. From mild to explosive, the flavors and aromas are clean and pure with properly grown cannabis. Had I not experienced it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed that this quality of flavor and aroma could come from cannabis. I am so glad to have found the secret.

Happy Cannabis Plants REEK!

When the plant is stressed, fewer terpenes, flavinoids and cannabinoids are produced. The plant is less smelly than it would be if it were free to express itself. Terpenes are also fragile and higher temperatures essentially evaporate their lovely essence away, leaving a plant that does not smell much. As long as the terpenes are being evaporated at the same time they’re produced, there will be very little smell from them.

It’s the “without stress or contamination” part that makes the biggest difference. Clean, stress free cannabis actually tastes almost the same as hash from the same strain when smoked. There is so little ‘burning plant’ smell/taste even the exhale smells fresh and clean and amazingly similar to the plant itself.

Cannabis is Delicious to the Last Hit

You know you’re pretty close to superior quality when every toke of cannabis in a bowl tastes the same. Without contamination in the cannabis, there is nothing to ‘build up’ in the ash and taint the flavor and aroma of it. A sweet tasting strain will taste sweet with every hit, right down to the ash.

So if your cannabis doesn’t smell good, taste good and burn clean, you should be looking for a new supplier. Personally, I have to grow my own to get the quality I prefer.  Good luck!

Want to Know What/How I Do What I Do?

Totally awesome news! I’ve been working on a book the last few years and am finally making some headway. Though the final book will be several more months I’m writing a shorter booklet in the meantime. Within the pages of this booklet I am writing down what I do for Veg, Flower and Harvest/Cure. I’m also writing down why I do what I do.

I briefly explain each aspect of how I approach each stage and my reasonings behind my actions. Any experienced grower will understand right away and be able to duplicate my results. Any new grower will have an awesome guide to the subjects and knowledge they should target for learning first.

The end result is awesomely clean and delicious cannabis. I’m positive that every grower will learn something worthwhile from the booklet and even more from the final book.

Thank you to all the people and growers that are helping make this a reality for everyone. Look for the announcement of the booklet release within the next 30 days!

Keep it Clean!



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