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VIDEO: Benefits of Drinking CBD Tea

If you are looking for a different way to take CBD, why not try…

CBD Under Eye Cream

Regain that bright eyed glow of youth with our emollient rich under eye cream with anti- inflammatory properties. Make a dramatic difference for one of the most easily damaged areas. Hyper-delicate under-eye skin needs the vitamin ,anti-oxidant, moisture binding assistance of our special formula made with pure Hemp CBD Oil to smooth, brighten and restore tired […]

Hemplucid CBD Gummies

Hemplucid CBD Gummies are created with a proprietary formula to enhance bio-accessibility. Each bear shaped gummie is loaded with terpenes. Although they are cute, they contain 25mg of ultra-refined, full spectrum CBD oil. Half of a gummie bear is the recommended dosage to those who are sensitive or new edible CBD users.Hemplucid CBD Gummies”Hemplucid CBD […]

Is Taking CBD Orally the Way to Go?

We have heard both good and bad things about smoking and vaping cannabis.  And…

Berkshire CBD Review (In-Depth [High Quality CBD Flower])

Berkshire CBD Now that CBD products are everywhere, a great CBD product is CBD flower. CBD flower has the full of the plant intact. You get all the full spectrum of cannabinoids and all strains are grown with legal limits of THC (<.03%). Today I … Berkshire CBD Review (In-Depth [High Quality CBD Flower]) Read […]

What is a THC Tolerance Break? (Can CBD Help During a T-Break?)

Whether you smoke weed everyday like Snoop Dogg or simply take a few tokes a day, there comes a time in most cannabis consumers’ lives where a tolerance break is in order. If you’re a regular cannabis consumer, let’s be real. After smoking weed on the reg, day in and day out, you’ve likely experienced […]

CBD for Athletes. The Need To Know!

Casey Willax Above: “I am just stoked to be apart of the Nanocraft team. As a pro snowboarder we abuse the heck out of our bodies day after day! It is like a precursor to my health, when I know its gonna be a long day of riding I use the products to prevent swelling […]


CBD vape oil has risen in popularity dramatically in the UK over the last year or so. There is no doubt that vaping is a fantastic way to explore the benefits of CBD but how do you get started? That’s what this post is all about. It’s your guide to CBD vape juice. What is […]