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What Topics Can You Write for Us?

Diet and Exercise


Alternative Medicine and Therapies



Guest Post Guidelines

Please consider these following guidelines as important when forwarding your articles to us.

– Every email and the article is manually inspected by our highly professional SEO experts and authors to approve for publishing.

– Only high-quality articles with genuine content are accepted. No plagiarism of content is allowed.

– The article should be properly formatted with proper headings and styles.

– Credit to the property used in the content like images and videos should be given to the owner of the content.

– No outbound links to the commercial products or services are allowed. You can mention authorized websites like Wikipedia for content references

– One backlink to your personal blog

– You should not post anything that violates Google prohibited policies.

How writing for us benefits you?

– Exposure of your blog to our audience and free promotion of yourself on our platform

– Links to your personal blog’s homepage and social profiles. Helps networking

How to submit for review?

Email your articles to [email protected] All articles are thoroughly inspected before approved.

NOTE: We hold all the rights to remove the published content or links inside the article(s) without notifying you during maintenance.