Cannabis is Non-Addictive

I’ll say it again, just in case anyone missed it in the title… Cannabis is Non-Addictive, Period!

Take any addict, say… an opiate user on a half a gram of heroin a day.  Take away the issues that caused them to do the heroin in the first place and they’re still physically/mentally addicted to heroin. Replace the word heroin with at least half the Rx available today and it’s the same story.

  Strong physical addiction and quitting cold turkey will seriously harm or kill you.

Now take a look at, so called, ‘cannabis addicts’

Every single instance I’ve run across (in the last 10 years) where a person called themselves an addict or someone else did, I found an underlying issue that was going untreated.

The single most common issue was anxiety. Anxiety that usually stemmed from emotional trauma from a single event or, more commonly, simply living in ‘modern’ society without a basic understanding of it or themselves.

The other common issues were depression, pain, nausea and angst.  The relief of these issues is often so subtly profound that people find themselves repeating behaviors that bring that relief… without actively being aware of it. Cannabis is something that brings significant relief to a staggering number of issues, an amazing number of people subconsciously make sure they always have cannabis around.

No Conscious Awareness of the Relief

Talk to any self-confessed or labeled ‘cannabis addict’ and you will usually find one common aspect… they’re unaware that their cannabis use is treating an underlying issue. Talk to any treatment center that treats cannabis addiction and they’ll tell you that you’re addicted to cannabis.

Your subconscious is very aware of what’s going on and will continue to motivate the conscious mind to repeat actions that have previously relieved troubling issues.  This goes on whether you’re consciously paying attention to the process or not… Much like breathing.   When this happens with nutrition… your body realizes something is missing and it conjures up a ‘craving’ that it knows will satisfy that void.

Cravings can be uneducated and the subconscious can definitely be wrong.  The most common ‘uneducated’ craving is for sweets when the body requires carbohydrates.  Fortunately, with proper diet and training… you can reprogram those cravings to call for healthy food choices to fill a need.

How Do I Know???

I have been labeled as someone with a cannabis addiction many times in the past; I almost even self-acknowledged it at one point.   20 years I used cannabis without knowing the real reasons why and without knowing anything about the medicinal properties of it.  I did know one thing for sure, life was always smoother, more enjoyable and with fewer problems around me when I was using cannabis.

The thing is, the people who had the most contact with me agreed that my projects were finished with the fewest errors, I was much less irritable and my moods were much more stable. They would all agree, those that knew I used cannabis, that it was definitely a help to me.

Addiction counselors will tell you that I only ‘thought’ life was better, the people around me would disagree with that.  As long as the cannabis I used wasn’t the prohibition garbage that seems to make you a stoner zombie, my brain and everything else worked better and life was good

When I didn’t use cannabis, people were upset with me, I messed projects up a lot and my ability to move through life without issues was horrible.  Pain, nausea, anxiety, super sensitivity to the environment, memory issues… and on and on.

Though I had no idea of the medicinal end there was definitely something to the cannabis.

What Changed My Awareness???

As much as I dislike Rx… it was an Rx that triggered my epiphany on this subject.  About 5 years ago I was broke, homeless and living on the dollar menu at McDonalds. *shudder*  Yes, one of those periods of time when we were off the blood type diet and our supply of cannabis was inconsistent.  Needless to say my brain wasn’t working very well.

One fine afternoon I had an extreme issue with someone and, for the first and only time in my life, I not only had the desire to choke someone to death… I came very close to actually acting on that impulse.  I didn’t actually move at all but the experience scared me silly.  I ended up walking into a 24/hr psychiatric unit as I figured I needed help… right?  LOL

Long story short, I was prescribed 500mg of depakote.  I took one that first night and went to bed.  The next morning I woke up, sat up in bed and was again shocked to my core.  For the first time in 20 years I had no desire to use cannabis… at all!  That lasted all of about 5 minutes until my birth defect started hurting and the desire for cannabis bloomed anew for pain relief.  The epiphany surrounding my cannabis use remained.

With my mental issues that triggered the desire for cannabis gone… I realized that I was not addicted to cannabis but that I was certainly addicted to the lack of anxiety.  The depakote was disgusting in it’s effects overall, overly numbing and completely unwanted… but it removed the subconscious ‘craving’ that fueled my cannabis use.

I quit taking the depakote after 5 days… the wife prefers a husband, not a 2-D carboard simulation of one.  I basically sat up in bed each day, ate and sat around and then went back to bed… very 2-dimensional existence.

What Cannabis ‘Addiction’ Have I Seen Since Then???

In the last 5 years I’ve run in to a huge number of people that would be considered ‘addicts’ by the medical and rehabilitation professionals.  I have yet to come across someone who didn’t have issues cannabis relieved… that was still ‘addicted’ to cannabis.  That type of condition just doesn’t seem to exist.

What I’ve mostly run across is ignorance… fueled by propaganda and fanned by efforts to “Protect the Children.” Well guess what? Those who ignorantly push wrong information are doing harm to the children. Quit it.

There Are No Cannabis Addicts

Take away the issues that cause someone to be regarded as a ‘cannabis addict’ and their cannabis use will drastically decline to normal ‘recreational’ levels.  I’ve watched it over and over and over. There really is no cannabis addiction.

Pass this information on, post your experiences below, help heal the nation. I know you can help.

Keep it Clean!

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