Growers and Potential Retailers Grumbling at Alaska Lawmakers

Retail Cannabis is Coming to Alaska

And the cannabis community is grumbling.  The main issues, as always, are people with no understanding of cannabis attempting to create regulations and taxes on it.  Working from a ‘cannabis is harmful and we have to protect the children’ standpoint is really counter productive.  Going to look awfully silly in another 10 years, when everyone is aware of the truths around cannabis as well.

Here are links to the Alaskan information at MMP.ORG, the current proposed legislation and some intelligent comments on the whole mess.

Smoking Lounges

One of the hottest issues is the subject of licensing for consuming cannabis on the premises of a retail establishment.  This is an issue that’s also being tested constantly in Colorado.

With the new information that CBD can significantly combat the effects of prohibition cannabis strains. Vaping a few hits of nearly pure CBD oil will cure the inebriation that those types of strains bring on.  Imagine an alcohol bar where you can just take a few puffs at the door and be sober of alcohol to drive.  No go with alcohol but it’s a definite possibility with Cannabis.

What’s your take on this?  What do you want to see happen across the usa as far as cannabis legalization is concerned?  Comment Below.

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