Silicon from Potassium Silicate

Cannabis Additives and Silicon from Potassium Silicate

Silicon can be quite the beneficial additive. As of today, I’m putting this cannabis additive in the “Ok, when used properly” category of cannabis and additives.  It has a number of benefits to plants in general and it has some serious downsides when excessively present in cannabis flowers.


  • Makes for stronger plants
  • Improves vascular function, allowing larger amounts of water/nutrients to be moved
  • Higher heat tolerance
  • Improves cell strength leading to higher mold/fungi resistance


  • Affects pH swing
  • Makes tougher flowers
  • Burns hotter and harsher when present in flowers
  • Higher volume ash
  • Darker ash

Recommendations For Use

As with the majority of things with cannabis and additives, a little bit of this stuff goes a long way.  The goal is to have nearly all of the available silicon used up before major flower formation begins.

Silicon works well in the stems and leaves, so use silicon in vegetative states and the first day of flowering. Use very little, much less than recommended.  Using too much or using too long in flower will result in very strong flowers.

Flowers that require a grinder or scissors are commonly found in gardens that use excessive silicon.

Affect on pH

Silicon, derived from potassium silicate, acts as a pH up solution.  Remember to add pH up solution as the plants use the silicon in the first two weeks of flower.  This will help maintain the correct pH for the level of nutrients available at that time.


Use it sparingly and you’ll appreciate stronger and more robust plants.  Abuse it and your plants will give up flowers that have excessive silicon in them.  These flowers will be difficult to break up, burn hotter and harsher and leave a heavier and blacker ash behind. Definitely not in the Clean Medicinal Cannabis category.

Once you find what’s appropriate for your setup you’ll be happy you used it.  Let me know if your experiences echo mine or if your experiences were different.  Always looking for new info!

Comments?  Suggestions? Questions?  Please feel free.

Keep it Clean!

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