Twista Cut From the Denver Area in Colorado

"Twista" Finely Trimmed
“Twista” Closely Trimmed, Cut Too Early, Still Too Green

Twista at 11’ish weeks. This cut needed longer than 11 weeks to properly mature. As you can see by the photo, the fade was not perfect, the trichomes are not fully mature and I was left with greener buds than I prefer. Still, she needed to come down as I found out 2 months in that I had another month to go and had not planned on that.

She stretches quite a bit during the first 3 weeks. Yields quite well with nice dense nugs. Trimming was moderate.

Flavor is orange and spice with a mild earthy flavor in the background.

This particular run was polluted with pollen from an unstable strain in the same flower room. It has pollen harsh and tiny immature seeds in it. Smoother than local bud but definitely an expectorant.


Hope you enjoyed the photo.

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