Autism and Emotional Response

I Am No Longer An Emotional Zombie

I’m high functioning autistic and wife and I have always joked about my emotional response being the size of a thimble. My family has filled that thimble for me like nothing else in my life. After Approximately six months of high CBD usage, over the span of a year, and I find myself having to develop new skills to handle the amount of emotion I’m feeling. It’s strange to suddenly have strong positive emotions that are far stronger than ever experienced in your life previously.

Not only has CBD usage increased my emotional response it has also increased my ability to keep my mood level while I deal with whatever is maximizing my emotions. I have quickly gained additional skill in dealing with my heightened emotional response. Absolutely amazing to ‘feel’ so much, looking back I feel like a zombie that’s been re-animated or something. Simply wonderful to fully feel the depth of love I have for my family and the world around me.

My emotion muscles are still weak and I find myself nearly crying with joy at music and life and all the events that ‘should’ have triggered an emotional response in me. It’s amazing, a little terrifying at times, and wonderful and I’m delighted to be able to experience it.

And here I thought I was already enjoying life. lol

The CBD Sources

The cannabis I used with high CBD content came from two different strains, both known for their little to no inebriation qualities. I both smoked the cannabis and used canna-pills made with properly decarboxylated cannabis oils. Maximum results were obtained when my system had been saturated with CBD for at least 2 weeks though immediate results were noticed as well.

Side effects included increased memory, stable appetite, increased focus, increased mood control, significant lack of depression and anxiety, more stable digestion, complete lack of motion sickness (could actually read in a car without nausea), stabilized sleep patterns, dream recall well beyond vague emotional recall and more.

I look forward to when I have a constant and consistent supply of canna-pills with significant CBD content in them.

The Strains

I used two different high CBD strains during the last year, one is much more effective than the other though both are eye opening. 30 years of using high thc, low cbd cannabis did not prepare me for what I experienced. This is NOT the cannabis I was warned about as a child, this is fantastic!


The first strain was Harlequin, a rather low end yielding strain with approximately 8-12%CBD and only 6-8% THC. My THC tolerance was so high when I first started using that strain I swore it had no buzz or high to it. Anyone without a tolerance for THC will notice it definitely has a ‘buzz’ to it that I feel interferes with my ability to think smoothly.

Even with the low level buzz, Harlequin is the first strain I had used in nearly 3 decades that did not inebriate me at all. I had never come across cannabis like this before and the difference was like night and day.  I knew right away that I had to get more of this CBD.


The second strain is Canna-Tsu, a cross between Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. The increase in emotional response from this strain is much higher for me than with Harlequin. I have actually let Harlequin die and am focusing on Canna-Tsu and looking for similar strains.

Canna-Tsu is like not using cannabis at all, except your pain goes away, you can suddenly focus and remember things, your whole body relaxes, your brain works smoothly and efficiently and on and on and on.  While Harlequin had a bit of a buzz, Canna-Tsu has none at all… that I’m able to detect.

Faster reflexes, more accurate judgment of distances, mood control keeping me stable, using it during sports is like cheating. Less fatigue, less pain, longer endurance.  CBD is amazing. This is NOT the cannabis you were warned about as a child.

Try it Today

Think I’m somehow getting CBD wrong? Come to Colorado and pick up some Cannatonic, Sour Tsunami or Harlequin from the dispensaries. Try it for yourself and see how horribly you’ve been lied to.

Cannabis is legal in Colorado, anyone over 21 can purchase some, regardless of where they live. It may not be legal to bring back to your own state, but it’s definitely possible to find out what CBD does for you. The dispensaries pretty much carry only contaminated cannabis, choose the high end outlets that proclaim “Organic” even though organic cannabis is not ‘Clean.’

It will be a while before truly clean cannabis is available over the counter and off the street. Until then I will keep growing it for myself and my friends.

Keep it Clean!



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