DIY Canna-Pills From Decarboxylated Oil and Ground Cannabis

DIY Canna-Pills from Decarboxylated Cannabis Oils and Ground Cannabis

Canna-Pills made from decarboxylated cannabis oils and ground cannabis are extremely effective when properly made. Unlike edibles made from food, canna-pills made my way affect everyone equally. My experience with edibles over the years has been so poor that I eventually ended up learning how to make my own. I have never had a single complaint from people regarding my canna-pills, except maybe that they hit too fast and were too strong at times.

The Ingredients

All of the ingredients are natural, there are no artificial or synthetic substances in these pills. All of the ingredients are neutral or beneficial for all blood types, absorption is nearly the same speed for everyone. Additional herbs can be added as an option but are not necessary for the base efficacy of the pills.

Decarboxylated Cannabis Oils

Fully Decarboxylated Cannabis Oils

The decarboxylated cannabis oils are the active ingredient in these pills and the better the quality of the starting oil, the better the end quality of the pills. I use only food grade ethanol extracted cannabis oils, extracted by myself. I use a slightly different process for decarboxylating cannabis oils than most do. I much prefer the end results and have always had rave reviews on my edibles made from it.

Olive Oil

Research shows that when cannabis oils are bound with an easily digestable fat they are absorbed more quickly and easily into the body. This means a little bit of olive oil makes the cannabis oils seem a bit more potent and effective a few minutes faster due to quicker digestion.

Use a quality olive oil that is just olive oil. There are many cheap brands that have other oils in them and those other oils may or may not be listed on the label. Studies have found a significant number of olive oils on the shelf are mixed without being labeled as such. The ‘other’ oils will have varying digestibility and will affect how fast and how strong the resulting pills will be.  Stay with quality oil for consistent results for all people.

Ground Cannabis

Ground Pre-Extracted Cannabis

Waste not want not. A side benefit to growing cleanly is that your trim should also be clean of any significant dust/hair contaminates. This means that after the oils have been extracted the cannabis material can be finely ground and sifted for re-use.

Cannabis that is ground up very finely is easily digestible and has yet to cause a problem for anyone I know. There are additional materials one can use for this, using the extracted cannabis material saves it from being thrown out. In addition, any remaining terpenes or oils are ingested with the pills, never a bad thing.

Gel Capsules

The gel capsules hold the mixture until you’re ready to swallow them. They should be vegetarian capsules so that you’re not swallowing pork/beef tallow derived capsules. Vegan capsules digest the quickest and leave zero digestion issues for anyone.

The size depends on the potency of the pills you’re going to make and how much additional ingredients you’ll be adding. The size “00” capsules are the most common size I use. When you use all of the trim/bud material you did the extraction with as your base pill material, a “00” sized gel capsule holds enough for me to barely feel the effects.

I’m a grower so my tolerance is pretty significant. Even though my cannabis is extremely potent and one bat load will get someone else almost too high, I’ll stand there and smoke 4-5 bat loads while I talk to you. Any time of the day or night. What I can barely feel is significant and even half of one of those capsules has been known to make other people have panic attacks for 8 hours.

Smaller or larger capsules may be better for you depending on your need for stronger or weaker pills. Get a few sizes and experiment for best results. Start with only half a pill if you feel it may be too strong for you. Just remember that if you take too much you’re not going to die. You may not feel like you’ll be ok, but you’ll be fine in a few hours. Cannabis won’t kill you, contaminates in cannabis will kill you.  Keep it Clean!


There are a number of beneficial herbs that people ingest daily. Canna-pills are a convenient way to add those herbs into your daily diet when you’re already taking canna-pills daily. Always remember to look at the shelf life and stability of anything you add to your cannabis mixture.

Lemon peel, cayenne pepper, sawgrass, ginko, ginger, ginseng, the list is long but distinguished. Just make sure that anything you’re adding will be ok with whatever amount the person taking them will be ok with. Herbs such as echinacea should only be used for short periods of time so putting it in a daily pill is not a good idea.

Mix While Hot for Best Results

Ground cannabis added while oils are still hot
Additional Ground Cannabis Added

I like to add the canna pill filler materials when the oils come off the heat bath. This way they mix readily and easily due to the oils being quite soft. I initially mix in a small amount to make a thin and even paste.

More and more filler is added slowly, taking care to completely mix the new material in with the existing. Once all of the ground up cannabis has been added the potency needs to be tested.

Take a single capsule and pack the larger end tightly with the cannabis mixture. Pack it firmly and then use the empty end to scrape the larger end flush before putting the two halves together.

Take that pill and wait at least 2 full hours. Though you should feel the effects (if it’s potent enough) within 15-20 minutes, the full effect won’t be felt for up to 2 hours later. Make sure you wait long enough to tell the full potency before going further.

Adjusting Potency

final-mix-1024Was the mixture too strong for you? You’ll want to add more ground up cannabis and/or herbs to make the mixture a bit weaker. Was the mixture too weak for you? Add more decarboxylated cannabis oils if you have it, eat more than one pill if you don’t.

When you’re done adding more filler or oils and have mixed it together really well, pack another capsule and try the potency again. When you have it right you’re ready to fill all the capsules.

One thing I love about canna-pills is how versatile they are. You can pack so many different combinations of things with the oils it’s ridiculous.

Packing the Canna-Pills

There are devices on the market that allow you to pack multiple capsules at once. Anyone who is looking to pack more than 100 capsules once in a while should seriously look in to getting one. They drastically reduce the time it takes.

I pack my capsules by hand most of the time, making sure the pressure used to pack each pill is the same. This is the best way I’ve found to get consistent results, that and thoroughly mixing all ingredients together.

Finished Canna-pills

Handling and Storage

When olive oil is used, these canna-pills should be kept cool. You can take a few for the day and they’ll be shelf stable for a day or so, keeping them in 80F+ temps will probably make the oil go rancid, use them the same day you pull them out of the fridge.

No olive oil? They’re shelf stable and you can just toss them in a pill bottle and throw it on a shelf. Throw a few in a plastic baggie and take them with you without worry.

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Keep it Clean!

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