DIY SuperCropping Tool

Easily SuperCrop The Toughest Branches With This DIY Super Cropping Tool

Supercropping, when properly done, can significantly increase yields of cannabis plants. Supercropping big thick, iron hard branches is not as easy as you might think. This DIY supercropping tool gets the job done with ease. Easy to make, easy to use, you’ll be surprised you didn’t think of it yourself.

SuperCropped Thick Stem Close Up
SuperCropped Thick Stem Close Up

You can see in the photo above where the outer layer of the stem is damaged. This was the first time I’ve used the tool in nearly a year and I slipped. It only takes a bit of practice to easily supercrop without causing this kind of damage.

Make Your Own SuperCropping Tool

The tool is simply a pair of needle nosed pliers with some garden irrigation tubing jammed over the tips. The only thing I did extra was to use a bic lighter to warm the plastic tubing up, allowing me to jam the tubing on further.

Make sure the needle nosed pliers are the long skinny type, I used Master Mechanic pliers version 140917. The irrigation tubing is the black type you find in nearly any hardware store in the usa. About $10 for 50′ of it. You really only need about 3″ though. Cut 2 pieces about 1.5″ in length and push them onto the tips of the pliers. It should look something like the following photo.


Covered Tips
Covered Tips

Cut the tubing off, just past the tips of the pliers. Heat up the tubing a little bit with a lighter and push the tubing against something hard and flat. This will push the plastic tubing on further and tighter.

DIY SuperCropping Tool in Use

Here’s the tool next to the cropped section of a VERY thick branch.

SuperCropping Tool and Branch
SuperCropping Tool and Branch

The plastic tubing not only protects the branch from the sharp metal of the teeth of the pliers, it also provides a hard rounded surface for the proper crushing of the stem.

Use Care!

This tool makes it difficult to ‘feel’ when the stem is being crushed on thin stems. Watch carefully while crushing thinner stems, you will see it being fully crushed and know when to stop that way. Relying on feel will result in severely mashed stems that tend to sever the plant stem. As I said, be careful.

Hope you enjoy!

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