Relief From Azadirachtin Poisoning Stomach Pain!

Stop Your Azadirachtin Poisoning Stomach Pain with Garlic and Olive Oil

azadirachtin-poisoning-stomach-painSave on your hot water bill and spend less time in the shower and tub soothing your stomach/abdominal pain. Infusing olive oil with garlic is a soothing treat that will let you work and sleep.

Anyone who has had extensive issues from azadirachtin poisoning is well familiar with the pain from gas in the lower intestines. I believe I’ve found a helpful method of cutting down the gas and pain.

Though I have no real idea of what is going on in my intestines that is producing the gas, I do know that garlic has helped in the past. The combination of roasted garlic in olive oil has helped before and I was tossing some together the other day. I don’t know why but I thought of the old ads for cod liver oil and decided to use some extra olive oil.

Sweet Relief! A Whole Night Without Azadirachtin Poisoning Stomach Pain

I ate the garlic, just a couple of cloves, simmered in about 4 or 5 tablespoons of olive oil. The major difference from all the times before is that I sipped the olive oil as I ate the garlic. Within 30 minutes the pain and discomfort from the food I’d eaten began to ease. Within 2 hours I felt better than I had in weeks.

Even better, I slept the entire night and woke up without a single bit of pain. Absolutely amazing. I have since repeated the experiment and had the same results each time. I’m very excited to bring this relief to others suffering azadirachtin poisoning stomach pain. I’m looking forward to hearing the results from others trying this method.

Possible Theory on Why it Works

The main cause of the pain from azadirachtin poisoning is from gas produced in the large and small intestines. You can feel the gas create tight pockets and the pain begins. Though eating roasted garlic helped a bit before, I’m pretty sure the stomach is destroying the active ingredients in the garlic.

I’m guessing that the additional olive oil allows the garlic goodness to make it in to the lower intestines because it’s infused in the olive oil. The oil could indeed be acting as a buffer, allowing the needed garlic goodness to reach the areas of the intestines where it’s needed.

Whatever the cause, the end result is a pain free night/day and I’m loving it!

What I Used and How I Cooked It

garlic-for-combating-azadirachtin-poisoning-stomach-pain (public domain image)

I used 3-4 cloves of garlic from a decent sized head of garlic. The olive oil I used was western family store brand because the local store sells real olive oil at a $3-$5 markup.

The garlic cloves were sliced in 1/8th inch slices or so, nothing really even or thought out. The temperature setting on the electric stove was 3 and I used a small cast iron skillet. As I mentioned before, I used approximately 4-5 Tablespoons of olive oil in the pan.

I simmered the slices, stirring once or twice, until they were slightly browned. The pan was pulled from the heat and let cool. Once cooled it was poured into a jar.

I spooned the oil and garlic straight from the jar, though I had a thought of some homemade crackers or bread a few times. I’ve done it the same way twice now and had the same results. I’m actually eating/sipping some right now as I type this.

What About You?

Try this and let me know if you have the same results I do. It’s fairly cheap and so far extremely effective for me. Get to it and get back to us here, can’t wait to hear people are feeling better!

Update 5/17/2016

I’ve continually had issues with my digestion, off and on with a lot of downtime. It turns out I had a lot of emotional baggage built up about digestion and poisoning and on and on. I found a way to remove the emotional baggage and my issues have substantially subsided. I can eat processed foods again, I can eat ‘avoid’ foods (no red meat or pork, it just rots in my ‘A’ blood type, secretor type body) without pain, just discomfort.

The secret? EmoFree.Com. I basically ‘tapped it out’ in three days. 100% removal of ‘pain’ from my digestive system. Yeah, the avoid foods don’t digest well, yeah they produce discomfort, the pain is gone though. No more sharp spikes of pain from gas bubbles, no more feelings of acid burning a hole in my guts, simply workable digestion.

Try it for yourself, it works on emotional baggage and we aaaaaall have emotional baggage about nearly everything. lol

Keep it Clean!



2 thoughts on “Relief From Azadirachtin Poisoning Stomach Pain!

  1. Simply awesome.

    I’ve eaten things that would have given me great distress and had nothing but mild discomfort. The garlic infused oil significantly reduces the gas build up in the lower intestines, getting rid of the pain.

    Give it a try and…

    Keep it Clean!

    1. Still going strong.

      Though the aza poisoning has reduced my ability to digest some highly processed/refined foods, real food (even foods not right for my blood type) are back to normal digestive responses.

      When I eat the fast food or garbage food it takes a lot of garlic and oil to settle things back down again.

      Also started taking an activated charcoal pill every other day. Might be helping pull additional toxins out, not sure.

      Keep it Clean!

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