SuperCropping 101

Supercropping 101 Explaining Supercropping Quick and Simple

Supercropping is the process of carefully crushing the stem of a cannabis branch, so that it can be bent down below the top of the canopy. The nodes below the crush point will grow normally for a few days and everything above the crush point will slow down. Once the crushed point of the stem heals, growth of all parts of the stem return to normal.

Supercropping is a way to allow lower growth to catch up to higher growth. It is extensively used in canopy management, especially when working with multiple strains of cannabis in the same canopy.

SuperCropping Process

The Supercropping process is quite simple. Approach the stem from the direction you want to bend the plant. Gently crush the stem between your thumb and fingers, rolling gently to help crush. Approach the same point on the stem at a 90 degree angle to the first crush and gently crush the stem again. You can then gently bend the stem down below the rest of the canopy height.

SuperCropping 101 Example Close-Up

Supercropping Video

Here’s a video of some supercropping being done with my DIY Supercropping tool.


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