Titanium Deviations Black Box

Titanium Deviations Black Box is Nearly Perfect

I’ve been using the “Black Box” from Titanium Deviations for about a year now. Except for one flaw, the product is nearly perfect for my needs. From the design of the titanium bat to the design of the Black Box itself it is clear that someone knows what they’re doing in the R&D design department.

The choice of titanum for the bat is excellent. Non-Toxic, massively durable and designed to stay unclogged for extended periods of time, you can tell a lot of thought was put into this piece of metal.

The choice of Delrin for the case is nearly criminal. The only flaw in the entire product, the use of a material that essentially pollutes your cannabis with carbon black and formaldehyde is borderline crazy. When they make a case out of pure titanium or stainless steel, I’ll throw away this Delrin garbage and get one of those.

My Experiences Using the Black Box

Just so you’re aware, I’ve used “Dugout” type paraphernalia for decades as the most convenient way to stay medicated all day. As dugouts go, this one is very sweetly designed.

The Bat

Titanium Deviations Superior Bat

Anyone who regularly uses dugout bats will truly appreciate this piece of titanium. The bat from the Black Box is larger than your average brass bat. About as wide as a navy oval or camel wide cigarette and slightly shorter than a bic lighter, the bat has a nice solid weight and feel to it.

The mouthpiece end has a groove for holding it with your teeth and the body of the bat is hollowed out, all the way up to the bowl. The major downside to most bats out there are the straight bore hole that’s drilled all the way through them. With the bowl on this bat opening up to a wide bore, the bat holds a much larger amount of resin without clogging.

The Bowl & Poker

Ample Bowl and Built-In Poker

The bowl is very generous and holds about 5-6 hits of my cannabis with each load. That means I pack many fewer bowls than the smaller brass bats. Saves me a significant amount of time, especially on breaks from work. The spherical design also means the ash just drops out with a gentle tap. It’s wide but not that deep.

The poker is built into the bottom of the dugout itself. I don’t know what it’s made of but it definitely pokes out the bat sufficiently well. Very conveniently placed and easily scraped clean with a small edged tool. The only time the poker doesn’t work very well is when the built up resin is clogging the bat past the opening for the bowl.  Cleaning the resin out of the bat gets everything working properly again.

The Black Box

Bat Storage & Ashtray

Brilliant design except for one detail, the material Delrin is completely wrong for any ‘smoking’ type device. The top is a swing lid design that covers the bat storage and ashtray. The ashtray comes in super handy when you’re in need of being discreet and are unable to drop ash on the floor. The lid does an excellent job of sealingin cannabis and ash smells when closed.

I put the bat into the dugout bowl down. When I put the bat in mouthpiece first the bowl scrapes delrin from the lid as you close and open it. Stuff tastes foul and produces formaldehyde when heated, so I definitely keep that bowl pointed down.

The ash compartment is quite deep, though I never really have that much ash in it before I dump it. The bat fits the width of the ashtray and it’s quite simple to ash so that it all goes in the dugout.

What? That’s NOT an Ashtray?

Delrin is Toxic When Heated
Delrin is Toxic When Heated

Gack! Simply putting cannabis in the chamber and packing some into the bat from it causes Delrin to be scraped off into the cannabis. After a full week of use I had toner tasting resin in the bat, was coughing up black phlegm from my lungs in the shower each day and my lungs started to hurt.

I’m a medical cannabis user, I smoke at least a bat load or two every hour. Even smoking a few bat loads on the weekend would be too much carbon black for me, let alone the formaldehyde given off when you heat up the Delrin.

MSDS Sheets for manufacturing Delrin specifically state full respiratory gear is needed. Yes, a bic lighter brings Delrin up to manufacturing temps.

Definitely use the chamber for an ashtray.


She’s an excellent piece of design with only the one execution flaw of being made out of Delrin.  The choice of titanium of for the bat and the design are a definite winner. All in all I use it every day and enjoy it.  I just wish it had a titanium liner in the material chamber to seal the Delrin away from my cannabis.

Titanium Deviations Black Box W/Lid Open

Keep it Clean!





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