Using CBD Extract Oil With Cannabis in a Glass Bat

Smoking CBD Extract Using a Paperclip, a Lighter, Some Bud and a Glass Bat

Ever find yourself with some really nice extract and only regular smoking tools? I made a quick video showing how to add oil to your bud with a simple paper clip and a lighter. Make sure to pre-burn the paperclip or piece of metal and wipe it clean. Once the oil has been melted in to the bud you can cover it with a bit of powdered bud. This will act as a screen and keep the flame from directly burning the oil, instead of nicely vaping it.


As you can see, the oil is easily heated by inserting a hot paperclip.  I heat the paperclip until the oil residue on it just begins to smoke. Poking the tip into the oil will heat it to the point it begins to flow down into the bud.

Hope this helped in a pinch.

Keep it Clean!

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