Do You HEPA?

Using HEPA Class Filters to Provide Clean Air for Flowering Cannabis Makes a Significant Difference on End Quality

I’m amazed at how many growers use unfiltered air in their grow rooms. Cannabis is definitely the stickiest plant I’ve ever grown and I use three exchanges of air per minute in my flower rooms. That’s a lot of dust, pollen, hair, lint, dander and powdered nature that is NOT on my cannabis at harvest time.

Ever have a room start to smell like an old ashtray when a lot of cannabis is smoked in it? That smell is not from the cannabis, it’s the smell of burnt dust, pollen, hair, lint, dander and powdered nature. Any mistakes in nutrient profile or strength during the flowering run will also contribute to that.

See This?


This is dust, kicked up by a car, that can float for miles. Live next to a road like this and you definitely need HEPA class filters on your intakes. Any area that builds up a film of dust over the period of a day will cause large quality issues with much higher air exchange rates. This is an example of air contamination that is easy to see, the rest of the contaminates in the air are usually not so easy to see.

What’s In Your Air?

I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I also happen to live at 10,000 feet above sea level. You can say that we have a LOT of nature here. Along with that nature comes a variety of particle contaminates, such as:

  • Hair, Feces and Dander from every creature
  • Fibers from every plant living/dead
  • Tiny bits of insect and their feces
  • Pollen, LOTS of pollen

Particles that do not originate in nature can take on any variety of material that can float on a breeze. There are too many materials to list in this category.

All It Takes is One Run With Filters

Use HEPA class filters on one flowering run, one room and you’ll be convinced. The difference in bud quality can be large to extreme, depending on the local contaminate load in the air. HEPA filters can be picked up at any grow shop, several places online and you can also build a simple plenum and use furnace HEPA class filters with it.

How Sweet It Is! 🙂




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