This Is Root Rot (DWC)

Photos of Foliage and Roots From DWC Plants With Root Rot

The most common reasons for root rot appearing are nutrient solution too strong, too hot (over 68F) and the improper use of additives. The following photos show a few stages of root rot.

Mild Root Rot Foliage

When root rot first begins it’s difficult to see on the roots. The foliage begins showing signs of it though. Here is a picture of a plant with the beginning signs of root rot and another showing a closeup of the deformed growth.









As Root Rot Progresses

When root rot continues, the plant begins to look worse and worse. The roots also start turning brown.moderate-root-rot-roots









Advanced Root Rot

This stage is the last stage where a plant can be recovered. As you can see in the photos, the foliage is nearly dried out and in the roots there are very few ‘whiter’ roots amongst the dying/rotting ones.









Here’s a cropped shot of the last roots photo.


The plant with the worst root rot had a larger root system (more thermal mass) and it was sitting over a clogged air-line with very few bubbles coming up under it. Had I wanted to, I could have saved this plant as it still had life in it.

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