Plant Limits Increase Energy Usage…

What’s Your Plant Limit?

Due to the continued federal prohibition of cannabis, plant limits are standard in all medical and recreational cannabis legislation. Proposed as a way to limit cannabis production, a major side effect is the increased energy required to comply. Let’s take a look at a typical indoor garden and compare energy consumption between two types of grows. One grow with a typical plant limit and one without.

Garden One: 6 Plant Recreational Limit

This recreational grower has 2 types of cannabis they grow, one for daily use and one for night/party times. Limited to 6 plants, 2 are kept as mother plants. The grower creates two clones of each mother and puts them under a 1000w HPS light.

4 plants, under a 1000w light, will use at least 21 days of 18/6 lighting to grow a canopy large enough to begin flowering.  The grower will then use 75 days of 12/12 lighting to complete the flowering period.

With a yield of 2lbs, the garden used (378hrs) + (900hrs) = 1278 hours

Garden Two: No Plant Limit

This grower is growing without limitations on plant numbers. They are also working with a 1000w HPS as their flowering light. This grower creates 36 clones and puts them under their 1000w HPS. This grower then uses 75 days of 12/12 lighting to complete the flowering period.

With a yield of 2lbs, the garden used 900 hours of electricity. That’s a reduction of nearly 400 hours of lighting, to produce the exact same amount of cannabis. You can immediately see where the additional resources begin to stack up, as growing numbers of growers begin their new gardens. This makes sense, yes?

What About the Mother Plant Resources?

Look up “OT1 Bonsai Mum.” Cannabis is very adaptable and it’s rather simple to keep up to 12 different strains of cannabis under a 4′ fluorescent shoplight. The keeping of mother plants and the resources required to create clones are minimal, the majority of waste is in vegetating low plant numbers to a large enough canopy size.

Help Stamp Out Plant Limits!

Speak to your legislators, bring up the subject in conversation, push the information out on social media. Places like California already have overloaded power grids while Colorado races to keep the grid updated to meet the growing demand. the continued deregulation of cannabis will only increase this massive use of energy across the nation. Education of the impact is the key.

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