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Main Interests

Family, Health, Food, Cannabis, Computers

I’m mid-40’s and my family, though small, has a lot of love and courage. We are dedicated to being positive while seeking self-improvement and moving forward in life.  We seek the cleanest information on how to use food, cannabis and enlightenment to be the healthiest and most productive people we can be.

Each day we seek to be a better version of the person we were the day before.

State of the Cannabis in the U.S.A. = Poor/Unhealthy

The cannabis readily available in the U.S.A. today is disgustingly contaminated. Over the counter in the legal states, off the street in the non-legal states, the condition is nearly the same.

The goal of this particular website is to significantly lower the level of contamination in the cannabis available today.  Through awareness of the sources of contamination and the application of techniques that drastically reduce their uptake by cannabis, truly clean cannabis can be produced.

The cannabis supply is polluted.  The information supply on how to produce cannabis is polluted. The information supply regarding cannabis in general is polluted. The truth is spreading from here in Colorado and other places of sanity. Cannabis users are beginning to develop an awareness of what quality cannabis is, and an awareness of how contaminates in cannabis are causing significant harm.

The majority of online publications and previously published grow manuals do not address quality issues. The majority of websites touting the secrets of how to grow quality do not seem to understand the fundamentals that control the very quality they want.

Clean Studies

Our ‘Studies’ of cannabis need to be done with cannabis that is free of contaminates. I shudder to think of the contaminates that have been in the cannabis used for ‘govt’ and other studies. Cannabis is a super aggressive accumulator and is used in phytoremediation, the removal of contaminates from soil using plants. Cannabis/Hemp is an amazing plant for phytoremediation because it sucks up EVERYTHING from the environment it is grown in, whether it needs it or not.

Metals in your soil? Cannabis will drag it out and make ‘plant’ with it. Toxic chemicals? It’s in the cannabis at harvest time. Contaminates in the soil, water and air are sucked up and grabbed by cannabis and used to make new plant material with.  In the root zone? It’s in the bud.  In the air and water? It’s in the bud.

Cannabis is simply not a cucumber and requires a pharmaceutical grade “environment and nutrient program” to be truly clean when it is harvested. You will find the information on how to do this on this website.

Cannabis IS Medicinal

Cannabis is THE most medicinal plant on the face of the planet. Every cell in your body has receptors for various cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant. No other plant is capable of providing such a complex delivery of beneficial compounds, to the entire body, in every cell.

Producing and properly processing and applying contaminate free cannabis will significantly increase your health and quality of life. The production of this plant without contamination is of primary importance for a growing percentage of the world population.

Experience & Education

  • Personal medical grower for twelve years
  • Online data mining  of cultivation info from 2002 – Present
  • Provided advice to growers on forums for 6 years
  • Medical cannabis research and application since 2008
  • Chasing the “Super-Clean” carrot since 2008

Unique Experience?

There are an endless number of growers that will ‘tell’ you that their cannabis is the best. I’m here to tell you that I definitely grow “Some of the Best” cannabis that is grown in the world. I will also tell you that I have two unique advantages over the vast majority of growers.

#1 I Used to Grow “The Best”

I originally learned to grow cannabis from cannabisworld.com and overgrow.com, back before they were attacked and shut down by the DEA. All that remains of those sites are articles people copied and pasted, the information that was retained by some and the grossly inaccurate OG-FAQ that’s been passed around like a holy grail since.

With that information I grew the best cannabis.  It was awesome and everyone around me who experienced it agreed that it was so. Nobody around me was selling anything even remotely close in quality.  I sampled cannabis from an amazing number of dispensaries in the L.A. and Hollywood areas and none of their “Top Shelf” was as good as what I was growing.  Boy… talk about being proud of what you can do.  Pfffft!

Then there was the place in Chatsworth…

"Vasquez Rocks County Park" by Thomas from USA - Vasquez RocksUploaded by PDTillman. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Vasquez_Rocks_County_Park.jpg#/media/File:Vasquez_Rocks_County_Park.jpgYou know that famous slanted rock they filmed a Star Trek episode with Kirk and some Lizard beast?  That’s right near the freeway in Chatsworth. The dispensary was a few blocks off the main blvd passing the rock area.

In a mini-mall was a tiny little dispensary. (several years later it was robbed and shut down by the DEA). In that dispensary I bought a few 1/8ths of cannabis that flipped my world upside down. The quality I bought from them made my own quality look like a bad joke.

I was stunned and speechless.

So in a nutshell I now have a much keener awareness regarding what my own quality is like. This awareness has proved very powerful as the years have progressed.

I have dedicated a significant amount of time to ‘fixing’ the quality issues in my growing techniques since then. The knowledge I’ve gained about the cannabis plant contains fundamentals that are absolutes.  Those absolutes can be found on this website.

#2 Oh, the “Other” Advantage?


I’m hyper-sensitive.  With rare exception, my sense of touch/taste/smell is much, much, MUCH stronger than the people I come in contact with. You like using extra fabric softener in your dryer? I’ll be able to taste and feel the fabric softener oils from your shirt… from about 15 feet away.

Awareness is a powerful thing and combining hyper sensitivity with an awareness of what ‘truly clean’ really is, has been stunningly powerful indeed.

Nobody-is-perfect-doyouseethehair-1024So follow along, keep the site bookmarked, subscribe to the feed, sign up for email notifications, whatever you need to keep yourself up to date on what’s posted here. Over the years you’ll see a significant amount of amazingly helpful information posted here. See you there and…

Keep it Clean!