Alienware Games and Riot League of Legends Partnership

Alienware has announced the launch of Alienware Games in 2021. The event will feature four games, each with its own week-long contest. Each week, players will earn points for a weekly leaderboard, which will be reset after each week. The winning player will compete for a grand prize. This exclusive event will take place at esports events throughout the world. Alienware Games will offer a wide range of gaming experiences, including PCs and consoles designed for competitive gaming.

650 Riot Points Code-Belohnung can only be earned on a Konto of Riot League of Legends

To earn 650 Riot Points Code-Belohntung, you must log in to your Riot League of Legends Konto. This will reward you with a bonus of 350 RP. You must enter your Riot Pin correctly without spaces. After entering the Riot Pin, click the “Submit” button. Once you have deposited the RP, the reward will be added to your account.

There are several methods to acquire Riot Points. You can buy them from the Riot Store or online. To do so, you will need to have a credit card or PayPal account. You can also purchase a Riot Points Gift Card in-game. This option is safe, fast, and convenient. You can use it to prepare your champion for battle.

Official competition PC and display partner

Riot Games and Alienware are partnering to make Alienware the official competition PC and display partner of League of Legends esports. The partnership will showcase the companies’ expertise in gaming hardware, technology services, and operational logistics. Alienware will be available for sale from Week 2 of the 2020 season.

The competitions will use Alienware Aurora R8 desktops with 240Hz G-sync gaming monitors. These PC setups will leverage Dell SupportAssist diagnostic features to detect and resolve technical issues before they impact the competitive experience. This will improve the overall performance of the PC hardware fleet and elevate the responsiveness of competitive gaming.

Plans for onsite fan activations

The latest League of Legends partnership is a big deal for Alienware, a sub-brand of Dell Computers. The computer manufacturer will be the first-ever presenting sponsor of Riot Games’ Rift Rivals event. The company is already a big presence in the Western League of Legends scene. Getting involved in a tournament that straddles two regions makes sense.

To make the announcement, Riot Interactive, the publisher of League of Legends, announced new branding and a new league schedule. Although there are existing leagues in China and North America, there was a strong demand for a franchised league. The game’s popularity also encouraged Kia to get involved.

Sources: Riot Games

After being accused of sexual harassment, Alienware has decided to cut ties with Riot Games. The company announced last weekend that it will discontinue its global partnership with the esports team. In a statement, the company said it is concerned about Riot’s public image.

The decision came amid allegations that Riot Games’ CEO, Nicolo Laurent, has been involved in sexual harassment and gender discrimination. These accusations were brought forward in February and are currently being investigated. Alienware has been a major sponsor since 2019, heavily representing the LoL Esports scene.


Following allegations of sexual harassment, Alienware is dropping its sponsorship of League of Legends. The company, which is a global sponsor of several leagues, is also pulling its branding from official broadcasts. The announcement has prompted Riot Games to remove all mention of the company from competitive matches. The deal with the computer brand began in 2019, and was initially set to expire in 2022.

In an effort to help players improve their game play, Alienware has launched a new series of monitors. These high-end displays are optimized for professional gamers, delivering increased visual performance and screen refresh rate. Furthermore, they are equipped with SupportAssist, which can detect and repair common computer problems before they affect a match.