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Azael is an esports personality who has gained a massive following for his broadcasting abilities in the game League of Legends. He is a world champion in the competitive division of the game and has a lot of knowledge about the game and the esports community. He also has the ability to grow and learn, which is essential for a caster. Azael said that he is not influenced by the negative feedback and does not read the Reddit forums. He also has a solid support system that is able to communicate with him and the community.

Azael began playing World of Warcraft professionally for the Evil Geniuses back in 2007 and transitioned to casting for Blizzard games. Azael joined Riot Games in 2015 as a play tester and joined the cast in 2016. Since then, he has been able to fill in several roles, including analyst on the broadcast desk and color caster for the LCS. Azael is also one of the few players who can explain a complex game to his viewers.

Gameplay trends

Azael’s game mechanics have undergone many changes in recent weeks. The first change involves a new ability called “Leash.” This new ability lets you track your second way path. It also allows you to keep your enemies within your line of sight. Azael was once a top player in World of Warcraft, but this has changed.

Azael aims to ensure that preseason changes do not break the game. He also believes that players should get more rewards for learning the game. Taking the time to gain knowledge is an excellent way to gain an advantage. In addition, it will help you increase your game sense.


Azael has been a fixture in the League of Legends community since his LCS debut in the spring of 2016. Before joining the broadcast team, Azael played professional World of Warcraft for the Evil Geniuses organization. He then moved to Riot Games, where he became a play tester and a casting crew member. Since then, he’s expanded his role to become a main color caster for the LCS.

Azael’s knowledge of competitive LoL is very impressive, and his knowledge of the game is far superior to the rest of the team’s color casters. Azael has proven himself as one of Riot’s best talent acquisitions. Like his co-caster, he’s charming and funny, and his knowledge of the game is second to none.

Preseason changes

The League of Legends preseason has just started and Azael is already concerned about how the changes will impact the game. He says it could go down a dangerous road. Azael is worried that the changes will make the game more difficult for new players and they may take advantage of this. There are many changes coming to the game this season.

One of the most significant changes is the introduction of an objective vote that allows players to propose an objective to their team. The team must then vote on it. Another change is that off-screen pings will now display the direction of the ping so that players don’t have to guess. In addition, the preseason patch includes new items and suggested runes for new players.

Tournament picks

Azael is one of the top League of Legends analysts. A former professional World of Warcraft player, he first joined the cast of the NA LCS in March 2016 and has become one of the most important voices in documenting the greatest moments in LoL Esports. He recently spoke with Inven Global’s Nick Geraci during the second week of the Summer Split, and shares his insights on the optimal way to play the game. Azael discusses a number of different strategies, including how to get the most out of your characters and Perkz.

A new champion has entered the main event this year. Rakan, a support main champion, has risen to prominence. He has a great matchup against aggressive top lane picks, while also punishing full tanks and low-magic damage comps.