Ben “B3nji” DeMunck

Ben “B3nji” deMunck is a professional League of Legends player. He was formerly a bot laner for the team Bogged. He also plays under the names Benji and LOD. Benjamin first played League of Legends on a casual basis and was influenced by his friend Stonewall.

Bengi won the HOT6iX Champions Summer 2014

Bengi, known for his slick Nunu play, is a well-rounded jungler with a diverse champion pool and playstyle. His recent victories against SKT and T1 have shown his versatility. He has snowballed SKT on aggressive champions, and has proven that he can adapt to any champion.

Bengi also set the pace for SK Telecom T1 #2 in the early game, with his control jungle style. This style of play has been instrumental to the team’s success. This style has contributed to their fast game-finishing ability. Their bot lane, consisting of Piglet and PoohManDu, has been a key factor in their early game success.

SKT, meanwhile, was one of the most successful teams in the last season. After winning the All-Star Paris 2014, SKT returned to Korea to compete in the HOT6iX Champions Summer 2014. However, the team was upset by Samsung White in the quarterfinals and had to play in the tiebreaker. Samsung won the tiebreaker 3-0.

He was a head coach for SK Telecom T1’s Challenger team

Before his role as a head coach for T1, Bengi played as a pro for the Chinese team Vici Gaming, finishing in fifth place in Group B. He was then forced to play in the LPL Summer Promotion, but was eliminated by DAN Gaming in the opening match by a score of 3-1. The result was that Vici Gaming was relegated to the Challenger division and Bengi left the team. He then resurfaced as a coach for kkOma, a team that was also relegated from the LPL.

While the team’s challengers did not have much success in the first season, their season ended with a third place finish. Bengi’s coaching style was aggressive, focusing on positioning in mid lane. Bengi was a big influence in the esports scene, having played a major role in the rise of Faker.

In their spring 2016 season, SK Telecom T1 finished first, qualifying for the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) as the only team to advance from the previous year. The team also had the distinction of being the domestic champions of Korea. However, in the group stage, they dropped several games to other teams, which left them a 6-4 record. However, they did beat KT Rolster in the semifinals, but lost to them 3-2.

In the past, Bengi has been criticized for his lack of results. The SKT fan base has been vocal about their discontent with Bengi’s performance. As a result, fans of Bengi started to chant his name and draw pictures of him. They also booed him during champ select.

He played for Vici Gaming during the LPL 2017 Spring

After an abysmal season in the LPL, Benji League of Legends has shifted his focus to other professional leagues. He has been playing for the Korean team Vici Gaming. The team had an incredibly bad season, finishing fifth in Group B. The team failed to qualify for the Summer Split and was eliminated from the Promotion Tournament. This lackluster season has led to considerable organizational frustration for the team.

Bengi joined Vici Gaming at the LPL 2017 Spring season after splitting with SK Telecom T1 earlier in the offseason. He is expected to fill the position left vacant by Choi “DanDy” Inkyu, who is leaving the team after two years. In addition to Bengi, the team also signed former SKT mid laner Lee Jihoon.

The team’s roster also saw some changes in the following weeks. After signing ZSMJ, Vici Gaming moved up in the standings. They also added Sgua_Li. In the following weeks, Vici Gaming changed their roster, dropping some players privately and sending out a public notice for interested players. They also announced the departure of Nada and PandaPanPan, who were replaced by mikasa.

The team is also able to bring in a new player, despite having a very limited roster. In the jungle, Mlxg is one of the fastest players in the competitive scene. He also helped spearhead RNG after he was transferred from KING. RNG went on to win the 2016 Spring and Summer Split and finished second in the 2017 Spring Split. The team also signed Uzi “Uzi” Kyoung-min, who is considered one of the best ADCs in China. With his versatility and aggressive playstyle, he will be an asset to the team.