Best Time to Play Ranked League of Legends

There are several factors that you should consider when playing ranked League of Legends. One of the main factors is the item optimisation. Without correct item optimisation, your enemy will be much stronger than you are. You should also keep your level in check – playing ranked at a low level will not give you the best performance. Remember that ranked games are completely different from normal games and bots. Hence, the best time to play ranked is when you are well-leveled and can compete with the best players.


Playing in the preseason is the best time to play League of Legends ranked, as it gives you a chance to adapt to the new meta, find new duo partners, and prepare for the season ahead. However, you should note that your LP gains and losses will not be 100% preserved, as every season features a soft reset.

Season 1

Ranked League of Legends is a competitive game in which you face opponents from various levels. The quality of players in ranked games is significantly higher than in normal matches. This means that you will need to perform at your best in order to win. The following are some important tips to remember when playing in ranked mode.

Season 2

There are different times to play ranked matches in League of Legends. The most recommended time to play ranked games is before the game starts. This is because the quality of the players in ranked matches is much higher than that of regular matches, so it’s important to perform at your peak level.

Season 3

There are many advantages to playing ranked games in League of Legends. As a player, you can level up and gain experience. You will earn more gold and prestige as you progress. The rewards will also be higher based on your rank. Players will earn an icon that reflects their current rank on the leaderboard.

Season 4

There are a lot of factors that play a role in League of Legends. Riot encourages players to play within the five roles and to play Normal games before going for Ranked. You should experiment with both approaches and find out which works best for you.

Season 5

The best time to play ranked League of Legends games varies from player to player. Some players recommend playing ranked as soon as possible, while others suggest honing your skills in normal draft matches. Players are often encouraged to learn two or more roles and have a few champions that are good at both. This is because a primary champion can get banned or picked by the opposite team.

Season 6

If you’re looking for the best times to play ranked League of Legends season 6, you have several options. Ranked games have a much higher quality of play than normal games. This means that you’ll need to perform at your best.

Season 7

The best time to play ranked League of Legends matches is when the game is in its preseason. Preseason matches are a great time to test your limits against a new meta. However, you should be aware that preseason play does not have a direct impact on your placement rank during the new season. However, it does affect your MMR and the number of games you play.

Season 8

If you want to gain experience and level up fast, the best time to play ranked league of Legends games is early in the season. Players who play early will have better MMR and will be used to the new game modes. Players who don’t play early in the season will start behind when the season restarts, which can be frustrating.

Season 9

It is best to play ranked league of legends during the season when it is at its peak. The quality of play in ranked matches is higher than that of the normal mode, so it is essential to play your best. There are also fewer people who play popular roles, which means less smurfing.