black league of legends champions

A black League of Legends champion would be an interesting addition. It would not only appeal to a wider audience, but it would also settle a hotly debated topic in the community. There are several mythological figures that could be good candidates for the role, including the spider that appears as a man (Anansi) and the thunder god Shango, who plays the drums. While these champions are unlikely to ever become a viable option, they might appeal to the community as a mechanically interesting tank.


K’Sante is one of the newest top laners in League of Legends. He hails from the city-state of Nazumah in the Shurima region. This city is surrounded by deadly monsters and its people fight them for the resources in their oasis and the bones they use to make their weapons. Riot shared a cinematic trailer for K’Sante on Friday, and the full ability kit was released on Saturday. The player’s kit is made up of various skills that make him a powerful and versatile top laner.

K’Sante has a number of useful abilities and an impressive class-altering ultimate. His background as an African mercenary led to his inclusion in the game. Developers at Riot Games were given instructions to create an African-inspired top lane champion. This was done by consulting diversity and inclusion focus groups.

K’Sante’s two signature abilities allow him to deal massive damage to enemies. His primary attack, called All Out, knocks enemies back while dealing physical damage to them. K’Sante can also cause a shockwave that slows down an enemy, causing it to take damage.


Senna is a new League of Legends champion that puts a spin on the support role. While most supports have a healer or tank role, Senna is more of a marksman. Her skill shot allows her to sweep the entire map and her ultimate is long and powerful. She is an EUW mid lane main, who is a huge League fan.

Senna is the first marksman support champion in League of Legends and will be an excellent choice if you’re looking to team up with Lucian. The marksman-support hybrid combines utility with damage, making her unique in the League. In addition to being a great lane partner, Senna has the unique advantage of a ranged shield. In addition to this, Senna’s skills combine damage with utility, and her abilities will help you battle Black Mist.

Senna’s W ability heals allies in line, while her E ability creates an area of effect called Mist. During this area, allies gain a speed buff. During this time, Senna can be untargeted until she attacks an enemy or moves close to one of her allies.


Lucian is one of the newer champions, and his role is not the same as his vanilla counterpart. He scales with the player’s skill, and although his damage output is high, it doesn’t feel too OP against most players. His snowballing ability is good, but he doesn’t have gimmicks that make it a guaranteed snowball. Moreover, his flimsy nature makes him susceptible to CC, and he cannot withstand high damage.

Lucian is a marksman champion, and he is part of the Sentinels, who fight against the Ruined King Viego. His main objective is to protect the living. His skills are very simple, but players need to practice to master them. Most of his skills are skillshots.

The new League of Legends champion, Lucian, will face many challenges. His journey will force him to confront his past and fight against darkness. Ultimately, he will reunite with his former lover Senna. Riot Games is committed to creating layered characters, and Lucian is no different.


Ekko is one of the new League of Legends champions. He is a ‘hit-and-run’ midlaner who specializes in big engages and risky dives. Despite his ‘hit-and-run’ style, he hasn’t yet been able to break through in every lane. However, his passive gives him more power to follow through on his kill pressure.

Ekko’s basic attack deals bonus magic damage to enemies below 30% health. He also has a special ability called Chronobreak, which reverses time and heals enemies in his vicinity. He’s also quite susceptible to damage due to his ulti.

Ekko has a knack for sizing up his opponents. His Q, meanwhile, deals damage as he travels. It can also expand and contract to deal damage. This ability can be very useful in PvP battles. In League of Legends, Ekko is one of the most powerful champions.

As a child, Ekko’s parents struggled to survive in Zaun. They sold their handmade goods to the rich. Their parents lived in filthy conditions and hardly had time to give their son a better life. Then, they decided to bring their son to Piltover where he could be given better opportunities.