Brackern League of Legends Guide

In League of Legends, the Brackern are one of the most powerful characters in the game. They have the ability to fuse with a single stone, which allows them to retain their consciousness even after death. As a result, they are the best choice for high-level players. In addition to their incredible power, they also offer an incredible amount of versatility and flexibility.


The most important part of a brackern’s body is his namestone. Losing this stone can instantly cause death. Without it, many brackern will never wake up. Brackern also have a connection to each other called the hive mind. This enables them to sense each other even from a great distance. This ability allows Skarner to hear the cries of other brackern, including those from Piltover.

Brackern are ancient Shuriman races with a deep connection to the land. Their souls reside in soul crystals, which they use to protect themselves from evil magic. Skarner’s crystal is much older than any he had ever seen, and he spent weeks digging into the earth until he discovered it.

Skarner is part of the Brackern race, a magical race that originated from ancient times. Despite their violent history with humans, they have a special connection to the crystals that power Piltover’s Hextech, which is crucial for Hextech’s use.


The Brackern are immortal beings and the crystals they possess are the memories of their past lives. They possess the ability to summon other Brackern when they are in a heightened state of consciousness. The Brackern also have the ability to create and destroy crystals.

The Brackern live underground in Shurima. They are part of the champion Skarner’s race. When the Rune Wars started, the Brackern were forced to hide underground and wait out the war. For years, they remained undetected, until the Shuriman and Piltovan thieves ripped the namestones off their bodies.

Skarner woke up to the screech of the robbers, and then realized that humans were stealing the crystals from Brackern. Without these crystals, the Brackern would be doomed. Despite the horrors, he managed to escape the carnage and save his kin. As he traveled across the land, he was torn between saving the crystals and guarding Brackern.

Hextech devices

Hextech devices in Brackern League of Legends are technological artifacts and tools that harness the powers of hextech crystals. While hextech devices are designed to be used by all races and classes, some can only be used by specific races. The uniqueness of a Hextech device is dependent on the person wielding it.

In Brackern League of Legends, humans use Hextech crystals to drive their weapons. When a Brackern dies, they become crystals that can be used to power Hextech devices. The power of the crystals comes from the memories held within them. Hextech devices were invented to harness this power and keep the Brackern species alive.

One of the Hextech devices found in Brackern is the Blitzcrank. While it has a rather old-fashioned design, it’s an important technology that holds serious implications for the future of hextech. This technological marvel has the potential to create new species, such as sentient beings. The Blitzcrank’s lore also allows for character development.


Seraphine is the newest member of the Brackern League of Legends. Her abilities are based on her musical talents. She is a pop star from Piltover who gains magical power from a Hex Crystal that was created from a Brackern Namestone. The Namestones are the magical power source for the Brackern and they have been stolen from countless times.

The music champion has many skills, making her a versatile character. She is very similar to Sona, but could use some upgrades in her kit. She is also a very good healer. But, she could have used a little bit more help in boosting her magic. Nonetheless, she’s a great addition to the Brackern League of Legends. However, it’s hard to say that she’s the best one in the league.

Although she is part of the Brackern, her lore is not completely clear. Her parents were forced to buy a rare hextech crystal to keep her powers in check, which could affect her abilities. In the meantime, she will have to deal with the consequences of her power.