DIY Canna-Pills From Decarboxylated Oil and Ground Cannabis

DIY Canna-Pills from Decarboxylated Cannabis Oils and Ground Cannabis Canna-Pills made from decarboxylated cannabis oils and ground cannabis are extremely effective when properly made. Unlike edibles made from food, canna-pills made my way affect everyone equally. My experience with edibles over the years has been so poor that I eventually ended up learning how to […]

DIY Cannabis Oil Decarboxylation

DIY Cannabis Oil Decarboxylation is a Simple and Easy Process Properly decarboxylating cannabis oil seems to be something that most people don’t understand. This post details the process I use and the why behind the way I do it. I have taken quite a bit of time to research and understand this process and the […]

DIY Cannabis Oil Decarboxylation

Small Batch Ethanol Extraction

Small Batch Ethanol Extraction of Cannabis A few days ago I extracted the cannabinoids from some cannabis trim using ethanol. The process is fairly simple and very safe when the correct precautions are taken. The end product is clean of hard particles such as dust or cannabis and the terpene content is high.

Trimming With Scissors 101

Trimming 101: The Bare Basics of Trimming Cannabis Trimming by hand with scissors is one of the cleanest ways to trim, preserving the maximum trichomes and retaining the minimum of leaf. Though the leaf on most strains of cannabis can be frosty indeed, in the end it is still leaf and tastes like it.