EG Jojo, Inspired by Jojo League of Legends, Sett, and Xerath

As a new player in League of Legends, it is easy to get confused by the character choices available to you. There are several characters to choose from, including the EG Jojopyun, RED Canids, Inspired, and Sett. In this article, we’ll look at all of them and give you the details you need to choose the right one for your team.

EG Jojopyun

EG Jojopyun is a mid laner with a reputation for being aggressive and taking over lane. He has played in both the academy and the LCS, and has received high praise from the LCS GMs. However, he is not perfect and has had a few games in which he was punished for his aggression. His aggression could increase in the LCS, and teams might try to camp him.

The 17-year-old EG Jojopyun has been recognized for his growth as a player, and he has been compared to some of the world’s best players. Jojopyun’s development has been the topic of much talk, ever since he joined the 2022 roster. Inspired said he saw potential in Jojopyun’s play, and he wants to make him one of the best mid-jungle duos in the league.

RED Canids

If you’re betting on League of Legends, it’s important to understand the team’s stats. The RED Canids have had ups and downs in their recent matches, and knowing their stats can help you choose the best bets. In the last three months, RED Canids have won 13 out of 20 games, for a winning percentage of 65%. However, if you’re betting on the team’s results over the past year, RED Canids won 32 of their games.

The CBLoL season is coming to a close, and RED Canids Kalunga are looking to regain their crown. After losing the first CBLOL 2022 split, RED Canids Kalunga have erramowed their previous two opponents. Team oNe has also announced their support for Jojo, and Red Canids Kalunga have also made an official announcement on their social media pages.


Inspired by Jojo League of Legends has made his presence felt in North America. His team’s recent victory over MSI in the North American championship has earned him a spot in the World Championship play-in stage. However, he must be at his best to make it to the main stage. This article aims to shed some light on his experience as a member of the North American team.

Inspired has praised Jojopyun’s recent development as a player, comparing him to one of the world’s best players. Since joining the 2022 roster, Inspired has been vocal about his goal of developing Jojopyun as a mid laner. Inspired also expressed that he saw the potential in his teammate’s game and wanted to make him one of the best mid-jungle duos in the league.


Sett is the Japanese counterpart of Zed and Dio in the popular League of Legends video game. He looks and acts just like his JoJo counterpart, so it makes sense that he has the same Japanese voice actor. In addition to this, Riot Animation has added an emote that mimics the two characters. However, fans of the series are still disappointed that Sett did not receive Zed’s Debonair 2.0 voice line.

Sett is half human and half Vastayan, a fighter with a ferocious streak. He began as a humble challenger in Navori and gained notoriety through his strength and deadly attacks. Although his father disappeared when he was young, Sett is not afraid of battle and is often nicknamed a “half-beast boy.”


Xerath is a dark antagonist from Runeterra. His voice in the JoJo dub is “Muda Muda,” which means “useless.” Xerath is a powerful magus who has lost his mind after fighting Renekton. He appears to be made of pure electricity and energy, and his body is made of gold. His name refers to his taunt, “Lightning Bolt!” and his taunt, “Power Thirst.”

Xerath has four mana and 3/3 combat stats. Once he reaches level 3, his stats will increase. Xerath’s basic attack will restore Mana every twelve seconds, and if the target is a champion, the amount will be doubled.


The character Zed in Jojo League of Legends has been updated with new features such as the Galaxy Slayer skin and a new theme. The skin also has new features like an epic splash art and a crit animation. The skin feels smooth to the touch and uses assets from Riot Games.

The character has a voice actor who looks similar to Dio’s. In addition to this, Sett has the same Japanese voice actor as Dio. He also has a new emote that mimics Dio. Fans of the JoJo franchise will likely enjoy this new addition to the JoJo world.