Emiru – How to Gain League of Legends Rank

Emiru is a popular League of Legends streamer with a lingering problem: stalkers. He took a break from Twitch to deal with the issues, which are connected to his past. He was a new streamer to the scene in 2021, but his career grew exponentially once he joined the OTK roster.

Iron tier

The Iron rank is the lowest in League of Legends and is reserved for the absolute beginners of the game. These players have little knowledge of champions, items, and strategy. As a result, the matches tend to be chaotic and without a clear goal. Moreover, they lack the competitive tension that you would otherwise experience in a higher-ranked match.

The Iron tier was introduced in the League of Legends by Riot Games, ahead of Ranked Season 9. The goal of this rank was to help new players visualize the rewards of higher levelling. This means that new players will probably spend some time in the Iron role to get an idea of what they’re working towards.

The Iron tier is attainable for Summoners after reaching level 30. Reaching this tier is relatively easy. You need to complete 10 placement games to reach this rank. These placement games provide you with large amounts of LP. The number of players in the Iron tier is similar to that of Diamond, but accounts that are at this rank are harder to find.

Wild Rift

In the game, you can gain League of Legends rank by playing matches with other players of the same skill level. You can advance to higher ranks by winning Placement Games. In order to do so, you must complete 10 Placement Games. After you have played 10 Placement Games, you will be given a Rank. In addition, you will receive 2 Ranked Marks if you win. Note that you can also lose games and not be penalized.

Earning a League of Legends rank is a challenging task. The rank is determined by a combination of ranking marks and wins. Defeats in lower tiers will not affect your rank while defeats in higher tiers will. As you advance through the Wild Rift ranking system, the number of rank marks required increases. As a result, climbing the system is more difficult than ever.

There are ten different ranks. As you advance through the ranks, you will unlock cosmetics. In addition, you can earn cosmetics for completing various milestones. Usually, you can gain cosmetics for being the top in your tier.


Seasons of emiru in League of Legends are yearly events that start early and end near the end of the year. Players begin each season unranked, but can jump back onto the ladder by playing ten placement games. As a general rule, players should begin their new season at the full tier below their current rank. This means that they must earn their way up the ladder.

A season consists of three splits, each lasting three months. During each split, players earn Split Points by winning games. These Split Points can be used to unlock rewards. The splits don’t reset rank or MMR, but players must win games consistently to accumulate enough Split Points to unlock rewards.


Emily ‘Emiru’ Schunk is an American gamer and Twitch streamer. She is known for her expertise in League of Legends. In addition to gaming, Emily is an avid cosplayer fan. Her popularity in the game has been cultivated through Twitch and YouTube streams.

Each player gains League Points (LP) by winning games. The number of LP gained per game varies depending on the player’s MMR. To qualify for promotion, a player needs to reach 100 LP. Then, they must win a majority of their next three or five games in order to be promoted to the next division. Failure to meet these requirements will set them back some LP, depending on how close they were to promotion. However, they can claim a free win on their next entry in the same division.

In League of Legends, the ranking system is divided into tiers and divisions. Tiers are small steps within a division. In the first six divisions, there are four tiers, each representing a different floor.