Franchising in League of Legends

One of the most popular video games on the market is League of Legends. This popular title features strategic and intense gameplay that has drawn millions of players from around the world. In recent years, the game has grown in popularity and the competitive scene has become more intense. This has led to a recent rise in franchise opportunities in the game.


Riot Games has announced that it will be franchising the VALORANT Champions Tour in 2022. The franchised system will allow organizations to purchase spots in an annual league and compete against one another without the risk of elimination. The announcement has caused a stir in the competitive VALORANT scene. Some teams were surprised to be left out, but others were delighted to hear that they will be part of the newly franchised VALORANT Champions Tour.

Riot Games is committed to making Valorant a success in the esports industry, and the franchise system is one way to achieve that goal. The company is willing to pay the partnered teams, which should create a more stable environment for the esports industry.

The current system is not perfect, but there is room for improvement. While the current structure allows for many players to join the big leagues, it is not fair to deny lower league players the opportunity to become a part of the big league. Riot should look to implement a new franchise structure for VALORANT, and implement it to ensure that everyone can benefit from it.

Misfits Gaming

In 2016, Misfits Gaming joined the EU LCS, a region where the team is based. The team gained entry to the LCS when its parent organization Renegades lost the rights to compete. It fielded stars such as Barney “Alphari” Morris and Steven “Hans sama” Liv. Besides these superstars, the team also boasted proven names such as Tri “PowerOfEvil” Schrage. They made the playoffs twice in 2017, reaching Worlds and causing an incredible upset by knocking out LCS champions TSM.

Before franchising, Misfits Gaming had a prominent presence in the European LoL scene. The team qualified for the 2017 LoL Worlds, where they placed eighth in the group stage. In the LEC, however, they have been struggling. Despite this, the team has maintained a development League of Legends roster, called Misfits Premier.

Misfits Gaming will be selling its European spot to Spanish organization Team Heretics. Misfits will continue to work with sponsors through Thece, an esports platform that aims to reach an audience that doesn’t compete in the same region. With more than 14 million unique viewers each month, Misfits Gaming’s streamers have an opportunity to reach a broad global audience.


With their recent move into League of Legends, TSM is looking to expand their franchise business in the game. They will create three new regions and will compete in Champions and Masters tournaments. In addition, they will have LAN-based leagues. This will give them the flexibility to compete on the biggest stage possible.

However, TSM is not a sure bet. Some reports have stated that TSM will not make the playoffs. However, Sherman has stated that they are confident that they will make money by 2020. If you’re considering investing in eSports, be sure to do your homework. The costs of eSports franchises can vary, depending on the location.

As of right now, it is still unclear if franchising will work for the NA LCS. Riot Games has hinted that the NA LCS will be overhauled in 2018 and said that organizations will receive permanent spots based on application process. However, it is unclear whether franchising will be expanded to other regions. In any case, the current situation has many teams concerned. Even the best performing teams like Team SoloMid and H2K have expressed their concerns about relegation. Recently, the NA LCS has also seen teams like NRG Esports remove their entire rosters.


Former Boston Celtics forward Jonas Jerebko has purchased the Renegades franchise. He purchased the franchise rights from Christopher “Montecristo” Mykles, who previously owned the team. Jerebko purchased the franchise and a position in ELEAGUE, as well as first refusal rights in negotiations with the Renegades. He plans to bring back the team to League of Legends and add Halo and Overwatch to the roster.

The team has had a turbulent history. Their founder, Chris Badawi, has been accused of poaching players from other teams. This led Riot Games to ban Badawi from owning any part of the team, making him the first game developer to intervene in the ownership of an independent team. The Daily Dot reported on Badawi’s defense. Intense left the team after the regular season.

Franchises are fraught with complications. The franchise rules are often inconsistent. Franchisees are often unaware of the franchise criteria. The team’s decision to franchise the franchise is not a straightforward one, and the team will not necessarily receive all of the benefits of the new system. Franchises are a big financial investment for players and teams. Franchises also have a high level of exposure, which is important for sponsors.