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Hai Du Lam

Hai Du Lam is a professional League of Legends player from the United States. He is best known for his success as a mid laner for Cloud9, which led them to two NA LCS championships. His career in the game began as a mid laner for the Golden Guardians, but soon rose to prominence as the mid laner for Cloud9.

Hai Du Lam was a player for Cloud9, a professional League of Legends team, until April of 2018. Since then, he’s been working on his own esports organization, which is now called Radiance. He has signed players like Cuong “Aetheres” Ta, Nathan “OddOrange” Ryan, Jackson “KatEvolved”, Robert “Jurassiq” Mabansag, and Olivier “Winter” Lapointe to his new team.

While he’s currently recovering from his injury, Hai has shown his fans just how dedicated he is to his career. The injured mid laner has played League of Legends champions while wearing a hospital gown and oxygen mask to keep himself as fresh as possible. Fans were thrilled to see Lam play despite the injury and are eagerly anticipating his return.

Hai Du Lam’s career has seen its ups and downs, but he has been consistently striving to maintain his high level of play. His fans have never been disappointed with his play. His professional career has also earned him a lot of money. He has earned over $ 17153 from LoL competitions.

Although Hai was not as mechanically proficient as his counterparts, his leadership qualities helped him win championships. However, his inefficiency resulted in the deterioration of Cloud9’s identity as a team. The team played a style that required much from Hai and offered little in return.

Cloud9 finished 30-3 in the LCS Summer split. After the Summer split, Cloud9 dominated the NA scene again, finishing 29-4. This allowed them to remain the NA champions and arguably the most dominant team in the continent. The MVP award went to Hai, who was the best player in the tournament.


Originally hailing from the United States, Hai Lam has become one of the most prominent players in the League of Legends community. Originally a mid lane player for the Golden Guardians of the North American League of Legends Championship Series, Lam gained fame as a mid laner for Cloud9, leading the team to two NA LCS championships.

After the team’s initial slump, Cloud9 turned to a more experienced lineup. As a former mid laner, Hai played the role of shotcaller. Other team members, such as LemonNation and Meteos, took the role of jungle objectives. The squad was able to play so well with Hai in the jungle, and the rest of their roster benefited from the change.

Cloud9 has been playing well this season. Although they didn’t win every game, they have shown signs of improving. The team won their first playoff game of the season by beating CLG and Vulcun. They also went 30 for 33 in the split, showing their talent and confidence. The team was expected to represent NA internationally and was on the brink of a championship run.

Cloud9 in Hai’s stated goal has been to develop the next generation of North American players. In the process, they hope to expand the pool of great players. They currently have nine players on their roster, including Hai and LemonNation. They also have Yoonjae “Rush” Lee and An “Balls” Le. While this is a good roster, it would be a difficult one to replace Hai as shotcaller.

Hai Lam is the iconic figure of the North American LCS. He was a natural mid lane player, but recently moved to the jungle position. The team also acquired Lee “Rush” Yoon-jae during the offseason, allowing the mid lane player to play in the mid.

Cloud9’s lane shifted in a 3v1 situation against enemy towers, which allowed them to sneak in and take objectives. They also had a good sense of teamfighting and were able to make their compositions hit hard.