How to Appeal a League of Legends Account Suspended

If you’ve had your League of Legends account suspended, you might be wondering what you can do to get it reinstated. While smurfing is not strictly against the game’s rules, you can still appeal this decision. Here are some tips. Firstly, make sure you’re polite and friendly to other players in the game. This way, you’ll ensure you don’t upset any other players. And finally, don’t be afraid to contact Riot Games support and explain your situation.

Xian’s account suspended

There are numerous accusations against professional League of Legends player Yu “XiaoWeiXian”. A statement from Riot eSports manager Hunter Leigh confirmed the allegations of ELO boosting. It is unclear when the suspension will be lifted. However, Xian is eligible for future Riot-affiliated League of Legends competitions until February 2016.

First, League of Legends has very strict community guidelines. Infractions of these guidelines can lead to the suspension of your account. In some cases, your account may be suspended permanently, while others may only be restricted from chat. In any case, it’s best to follow these guidelines so you won’t lose your account.

Smurfing not against the rules in League of Legends

While smurfing is not against the rules in League of Legends, it is considered cheating in some communities. Generally, smurfs create new accounts and take advantage of newbies or low level players to gain advantage over them. Smurfing is a reportable offense and may not be tolerated in a community. However, if you are one of the victims of smurfing, don’t worry, as there are a few simple steps you can take to stop it.

Smurfing is not against the rules in League of Legends, but it is not allowed in Rocket League either. Some games do not allow it and there are many reasons why. Some players do it because they are waiting to play with friends, while others do it for malicious reasons.

Riot’s Instant Feedback System

Riot Games’ Instant Feedback System for League of Legends account bans and suspensions is an automated process that gathers information about inappropriate behavior. However, the system isn’t perfect, and occasionally, players are subject to unfair punishments. Luckily, the company will reverse account bans only if they can prove that a mistake was made. The system also doesn’t lift suspensions for well-deserved offenses. However, players can appeal the decision.

There are several ways to appeal your account bans. First, if you feel that your ban is unfair, write to Riot Games and tell them why. RIOT Games will consider your request and respond to you within a few days. You can also contact RIOT Games’ support team to discuss your suspension. Generally, it will take at least two days to receive a response.

Appealing a suspension

The first step in appealing a suspension is to write a letter to Riot Games explaining your situation. You must be logged in to appeal. This letter must be submitted within two weeks of the suspension date. Once received, Riot will review it and contact you. If the suspension is unjust, Riot will usually reverse it. If not, follow the Summoner’s Code to avoid punishment.

First, you must sign into your banned LoL account. Next, select “Request a personal suspension” or “Request to discuss my game ban.” After choosing the appeal type, write a letter explaining why you believe your account is not justified. Include details and facts to back up your claim.