In League of Legends, every player dreams of becoming the best first champion. But how to do it? The best champions are those that are the most versatile and have a wide variety of skills. These champions can either be tanky or have strong offensive capabilities, and all of them can be used by different players. The list below details each champion’s class, release date, and purchase price. As of 13 July 2022, there are 161 champions available to purchase. The newest released champion is Nilah.


Soraka is a support champion in League of Legends. He is one of the best healers in the game and his kit is built to help you keep your allies alive. His W ability will root and silence enemy champions and his Q ability will grant you huge regeneration boosts. Soraka is also a good choice for teamfights. If you are looking for a first champion that will teach you the basics of supporting your team, Soraka should be your first choice.

Soraka is a sustain/healing champion who pairs well with any ADC. Her ultimate is a map-wide heal that heals all allies, and this can turn a close fight into a win.


If you’re a new player to League of Legends, Garen is an excellent choice to start with. This tanky champion has a high damage output, a high amount of defense, and the ability to regenerate health with his passive. He is also fast and resilient. His ultimate can slice through enemy health and his mobility will help you get to your targets easily. This makes him a nightmare for any enemy team. In League of Legends, he is the #1 starter champion.

Garen’s health regeneration is one of the highest in the game. This means that if you get into trouble, he’ll regenerate quickly. He is also a great pick for teams that want to stay alive.


Nasus is one of the most versatile champions in League of Legends, and is an excellent pick for new players. He’s a great choice for team fights because his Q Siphoning Strike deals massive damage that increases each time he kills a minion. With his passive life-steal, Nasus has the ability to focus on tank items, while gaining massive damage from successive minion kills. His ultimate, Spirit Fire, also reduces the armor of champions within the area of effect.

Nasus’ first appearance came at the League of Legends Worlds 2022, when Nasus support was first picked up by Trymbi, a Rogue. She used Nasus as a support in the lane against Ashe and Heimerdinger. Although the champion didn’t initially offer much, the addition of LS changed the meta for the champion.


Viktor is a fantastic champion for new players in League of Legends. He is the ultimate support tank and can be used in the top or bottom lane. He has a wide range of damage absorbers and a taunt. He is one of the first champions to get two legendary skins, which is awesome. Corki has a special ability called Package. After eight minutes, he gains Special Delivery, which allows him to dash to a certain location. This ability is very similar to that of Valkyrie.