How to Get Free IP in League of Legends

If you’ve ever wondered how to get a free IP in League of Legends, you’re not alone. There are several methods available that will allow you to change your region and enjoy the benefits of playing on a real IP. Riot is one of them, and they’ll even give you a free 4-win IP if you verify your email address.

Blue Essence

One of the most common questions players ask when they start playing League of Legends is “How to get free IP in League of Legends?” The good news is that there are a few ways you can get free IP in League of Legends. First, you can use a VPN service, such as IPVanish. Then, you can use these free IPs to power up your champions and get some gemstones!

Another way to get free IP in League of Legends is by watching esports events. Many of these events will give players missions, which they can complete to get Blue Essence. You can also purchase these items with the Blue Essence you earn while watching a match.


VPNs are essential for players who want to connect to different servers, including those used in League of Legends. They provide secure connections and allow you to play with friends from different regions. Using a VPN will help you bypass country restrictions and connect to fast servers that are located close to your location. When choosing a VPN, make sure it is fast enough to give you a high-speed connection and zero lag.

VPNs are not the only way to bypass firewalls. There are plenty of people who have used VPNs in League of Legends successfully for years. In fact, Riot Games has provided support for players who have had problems using a VPN.


If you want to get free IP in League of Legends, you’ll have to know how to trace a host’s IP address. This can be done by using a free program called Wireshark. This program will allow you to identify IP addresses of nearby hosts. Once you have a host’s IP address, you can communicate with them using the network protocol P2P.

First, install Wireshark on your system. Wireshark is a network traffic analyzer and can sniff any network traffic to identify IP addresses. Once installed, run it on a separate window. From the Wireshark interface, open the IP logger and look at the statistics.

Changing your region in League of Legends

If you have moved to a new country or region, you might be wondering how to change your region in League of Legends. This game is a strategic MOBA, or multiplayer battle arena, where players form squads and destroy their enemies’ towers. Changing your region can be done for a small fee in the official store, which costs 2600 RP. However, it is important to know what you’re doing before you change region.

The process of changing region in League of Legends is easy, but it involves following a few steps. First, you need to create a new account. This should take no longer than 5 minutes. Afterwards, you can start playing with your friends in your new region. You must choose the correct region, though, as you can only change it once. Another thing to keep in mind is that changing your region requires you to buy Riot Points, which isn’t free.

Getting an IP boost

If you are looking for a way to get more players in a competitive match, you can try buying an IP boost. These boosts can be bought with Riot Points and come with various perks. Some of the perks include the “First Win of the Day” bonus, which can be accessed at any time. However, you must win a game to unlock the bonus.

To gain IP in a short time, IP boosts are the best solution. There are two main types of boosts available: win-dependent and time-dependent. The former gives you a 200% boost on any game you win, while the latter only awards a boost if you win a game. Both methods work by doubling the base amount of IP you have.