How to Maximize Your League of Legends Crit

There are a number of different strategies for improving your League of Legends crit. For example, you may be looking for an advantage in the bottom lane. Or maybe you want to make your AD Carriers stronger. These strategies can be very effective if you can use them well. Either way, the most important thing is to learn how to maximize your League of Legends crit.

Infinity Edge

The Infinity Edge is one of the best items in League of Legends and it is an excellent choice for a DPS hero. It increases attack speed and has a 20% critical strike chance. This makes it the best first item for certain heroes. But it can also be a liability, as it will reduce your attack damage and mana. So if you want to increase your damage in the first game, you should consider other options.

The new Phantom Dancer should make it easier to make an early defensive build, and the new Last Whisper should be more effective for AD Carriers. In addition, the Infinity Edge buff is a major boost to the AD Carrier class, and it should help revive the traditional AD Carriers.

Essence Reaver

Essence Reaver is a dps hero that offers a lot of benefits in League of Legends. It has 45 attack damage, a 25% critical rate, and 25 ability haste. The Essence Reaver’s passives are Mana Siphon, which restores 2% of your missing mana on hit, and Essence Flare, which deals 10 bonus physical damage.

In League of Legends, you can increase your crit chance by choosing the right build. In addition to increasing your damage, Essence Flare also reduces your cooldown. The problem with this is that the damage from Essence Flare is not linear with the other critical strike sources. In addition, the bonus from Essence Flare isn’t cumulative – it applies only to your unique targets per cast.

Statikk Shiv

During the current metagame, it is possible to crit with Statikk Shiv, the new physical item from Overwatch. Despite being expensive at 2600 Gold, this item can provide you with a massive +25% Critical Strike and +35% Attack Speed. As a result, Statikk Shiv is a fantastic choice for AD Carriers.

This item will give you a high crit chance, which is very important for Jhin. It will also grant you a movement speed boost. In addition, the fourth shot that you fire before reloading will crit. This means that you can smack enemies from a distance with this item.


Draven is a powerful champion with a versatile play style. He excels in the early, mid, and late game. His main spell is Q, which gives him extra movement speed. His other spells are E, Flash, and Exhaust. In addition, Draven has some of the most potent Summoner’s Spells in the game. For example, if you’re using Draven to farm for rift summoners, you’ll want to go for Flash + Exhaust, Flash + Heal, and Heal.

The best items for Draven include the Infinity Edge, which grants an extra critical strike. Adding this item to your Draven’s gear will make him a devastating tank melter. Also, you can make each of his auto attacks a crit attack. This allows you to do some serious damage without taking damage, which is very valuable in League of Legends.

Master Yi

If you’re looking for a simple champion that does a decent job of critting, you can’t go wrong with Master Yi. With his auto attack and ability to run down enemies, you can get quick kills with this character. However, this champion does have a few drawbacks.

While Master Yi’s health does not increase with dps, he is still vulnerable to CC. As long as you use your summoner spells in Q, you’ll be okay. However, you’ll lose some DPS if you activate your R or E late. This is because Yi’s Q damage instances hit differently depending on how many targets you strike.


Shaco is one of the more versatile characters in League of Legends. He can perform a number of different roles, from jungler to AP specialist. He can build AD items and set traps. However, his AP playstyle is based on baiting enemies into death bushes. While Shaco was once overlooked by many players, the introduction of new itemization has made him a more popular pick. As such, it’s helpful to know what items are best for Shaco in different situations.

Shaco’s basic attack is very powerful and deals bonus damage when hitting from behind. It’s also a great way to burst targets down and deal massive damage. However, it does have some disadvantages. First, Shaco can only backstab once every three seconds. However, when he backstabs, he’s able to deal bonus damage on the next basic attack, which increases its damage by 130%.