How to Open Chests in League of Legends

In League of Legends, you can get various items from loot chests. To open them, you need keys, which you can get from completing missions and daily quests. Another way to get loot boxes is to earn honor capsules by leveling up your account and playing the game regularly.

Masterwork chests are a premium version of regular chests

League of Legends players who want to earn prestige and buy new items should consider purchasing Masterwork chests. These chests come with many points, and they can contain multiple loot items, such as mythic essence, or exclusive skins. There is no fee to purchase these chests, but they can be difficult to obtain. Thankfully, Riot Games has introduced a system to make them easier to acquire. When a player purchases a Masterwork chest, they will be awarded Mythic Essence and bonus skin shards.

Masterwork chests are not as expensive as the regular chests, and you can buy them in the game’s client. The price ranges from 165 RP to 2250 RP. You can also buy a Masterwork chest using gemstones, which you can find in bonus drops.

While the regular chests provide valuable loot, Masterwork chests are a more exclusive version. Players can earn a mythic skin shard for every five Masterwork chests they open, as well as five Mythic Essence. Unlike the regular chests, Masterwork chests have no restrictions on how many players can buy per champion.

Buying them with RP

If you’re looking to get some of the more expensive skins in League of Legends, buying chests with RP is the simplest way to get them. Each chest is usually priced at USD 1 per 100 RP, and you can buy several at once. Depending on the skin you want, you can buy a Mythic Essence and/or skin shard for even more RP.

The first step in buying chests in League of Legends is to earn the requisite RP. It is possible to do this by playing in match-made games and performing well. To get a hextech chest, for example, you need to earn at least S-minus. Once you have this, you can click “Open” to open the chest.

Another way to buy chests is to play ARAM games. The game rewards you with up to three chests per game. You can also disenchant chests to get Blue Essence. This will be especially useful if you want to get rid of duplicate items or keys that have been lying around for a long time.

Opening them with hextech keys

In League of Legends, opening a chest requires a Hextech Key, which is obtained by completing certain quests and earning Honor Ranks. A Hextech Key can be purchased for 125 RP, or about a dollar, from the store, and will be good for seven days. To buy a Hextech Key, start League of Legends and enter your login information. Once you have entered your information, click on the Store icon and type “hextech key” in the search box. Finally, press the 125 RP button.

The invention of Hextech was inspired by a story that took place in the game. It involved the use of rare crystals to create beams of light that could cut through steel. The concept was welcomed by players, and it gave them multiple chances to obtain new skins. Hextech is now an important part of the League of Legends lore.

Players can also obtain hextech keys through crafting. Players can earn key fragments as a reward for completing quests, and their honor progression is determined by the number of hours they spend in the game.