How to Play Ashe As a DPS in League of Legends

If you want to play Ashe as a DPS in League of Legends, then you need to understand how her abilities work. She is an AD carry, so most of her damage should come from auto-attacks. Her abilities are mostly useful for last-hitting and controlling, but you shouldn’t spam them. You should instead pace your abilities so they occur once every three to five minutes.

Ashe is a dragon lane attack damage carry

The Ashe skill allows Ashe to use multiple arrows simultaneously in a cone area. These arrows deal physical damage and slow enemies. They also have a chance to crit, so they will slow enemies for double their normal speed. The Volley can be repeated two or three times. Ashe also has an “E” ability called Hawkshot. Hawkshot sends out a scouting hawk, which will reveal its destination for about 5 seconds. Ashe can use this skill to spot enemy junglers and ward off barons.

Ashe’s main kit is unique and focuses on dealing massive damage to her enemies. She also uses her auto attacks to slow down her enemies and crowd control them. When Ashe reaches level 5, she unlocks the Enchanted Crystal Arrow, which is a great way to pick off overextended enemies. Ashe also has some follow-up abilities that can make her a great duelist.

She has a unique takedown

Takedowns are a way to reward players for participating in a kill. They can be earned by killing or aiding a champion. Many takedowns will also trigger passive effects. Some of these effects have a set number of kills or assists required before they will activate, and some will only activate when the enemy champion is taken down.

Ashe’s main weapon is her auto attacks, which can be boosted with Q and her passive. The passive, Lethal Tempo, increases her auto attacks’ damage and attack speed. It stacks up to six times, and she also gets extra attack range.

She has a global ultimate

Despite the fact that she is not the most mobile champion, Ashe is a powerful global champion that should be used to maximize your team’s utility. Her auto attacks slow enemies, and her W Volley has a large hitbox. In addition, Ashe has two powerful global abilities: the E Hawkshot and the R Enchanted Crystal Arrow. The former is a great engage tool that stuns enemies on the first hit.

Ashe’s global ultimate, the Enchanted Crystal Arrow, deals magic damage to enemies in the area it flies through and stuns the enemy champion in the vicinity. It also synergizes with her Imperial Mandate to deal additional damage to enemies. This ability also acts as an engagement tool for Ashe, allowing her to keep enemies from escaping while granting her team more time to defend itself.

She has a passive ability

Ashe has a passive ability in League Of Legends that allows her to slow enemies down and deal extra damage. Every time she hits an enemy, her basic attack deals an additional 10% damage and slows them by between 15% and 30% for two seconds. The additional damage is increased as her critical strike chance increases. This effect also increases Ashe’s attack speed by a small amount. With her basic attack, she also fires a burst of arrows, each of which deals damage.

When Ashe is in her spawn, she can activate her passive ability, unwelcome guests, to prevent enemies from having visual range. When this passive ability is active, she will also shoot any enemy that tries to peer into her spawn. This is a powerful move that is useful for shared gaming sessions.

She has a ranger’s focus

When playing Ashe, make sure to start the team fight with your ultimate, and then run down and deal as much damage as possible. This will ensure that your team stays alive and you can avoid having to worry about a slowdown. Ashe’s ultimate ability scales with distance, so you’ll want to always cast it at max range. This will allow you to maximize the damage you deal and to maximize your mana.

Ashe is a great midrange champion with a flexible role, and her ultimate is one of her best tools for creating plays around the map. She can also carry and be a global support in a pinch. This gives her the flexibility she needs to remain relevant even when she’s behind in the game.

She has a comb

One of the most important aspects of playing Ashe is knowing how to spam her abilities in a teamfight. Ashe has a weakness to last hitting and control, so the bulk of her damage should come from auto-attacks. The comb and ice shield are useful for last hitting, but you should not spam them at other times. It is better to spam them when you fully commit to the enemy. Otherwise, you will most likely be forced to recall them. You should also pace your abilities so you won’t run out of mana too quickly. If possible, cast your abilities every three to five minutes.

Another way to use Ashe effectively is to focus on gold and staying alive. Ashe’s CC and global ultimate are great, and she also has a built-in Farsight Alteration, which places a fragile ward up to four thousand units away. If you can use these features correctly, you can win games with Ashe.