How to Play Qiyana in League of Legends

If you’re wondering how to play Qiyana, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find information on her Combos, Mobility, and runes. Follow these tips and you’ll have the knowledge you need to make your game better.


Qiyana is a tanky mid-range character, but she does have her limitations. You should avoid taking her unless she’s paired with an ally who can take her down. Qiyana’s ultimate is extremely powerful, and you can use it to deter enemy laners, as well as turn the tides of a fight in her favor. You should be proactive in your playstyle, using the Elements to your advantage. There’s no one perfect build, but there are some strategies that will allow you to achieve success.

Qiyana’s mobility kit is excellent. Her Terrashape ability lets her jump over small jungle walls and dodge enemy skillshots. She can also use her Audacity to get to her target. You should always hold an element before fighting, and earth is the best for one-shotting enemies below 50% health. You should also try to use her ultimate, Supreme Display of Talent, to win teamfights and damage most enemy teams.


Mobility is a big factor when playing Qiyana. A pro player will prioritize getting to the river as early as possible and having decent health when ganking. A second way to play is to kill Krugs in the middle lane and grab the 2nd Scuttler.

The Qiyana’s mobility is excellent, especially when used to roam the map and work as part of a team. However, this champion is not the best choice if you are looking to dominate in lane. However, if you want to get involved early in the game and play a great role, Qiyana is the best choice. Qiyana will be playable in League of Legends as of Patch 9.13.


If you’re looking for combos to play Qiyana in League of Legends, you’ve come to the right place. The legendary warrior is one of the best bruisers in the game, but there are some things you can do to get the best out of her. The best way to get the most out of her is to be proactive, and use her Elements effectively.

When playing Qiyana, the best combos are those that take advantage of her River Element. These combos can surprise your opponents and allow you to slip through them like water. The key is to time your attacks correctly, have a brush, and visualize the play in your mind.


If you play the Qiyana League of Legends character, you’ll have to pay attention to her Runes and Build. While the Primary Rune, the Treasure Hunter, will help you deal damage on your enemies, you’ll also want to invest in the secondary path, Domination, which increases burst damage and assassination tools. In addition, the Eyeball Collection Rune will increase your damage per second, and you’ll get additional damage with every kill.

Qiyana is a versatile champion. Choosing to equip Runes that improve your ability to snowball is important to help you get an advantage against your opponents. The Eyeball Collection Rune, on the other hand, will improve your ability to deal damage with your weapon after taking down your opponents. As a result, you can quickly get ahead of your opponents and secure leads.

Position in the midlane

There are a few basic strategies that you can apply to position in the midlane with Qiyana. These strategies include using the right champions to maximize her abilities. The best champions to pair with Qiyana are those who can help you during skirmishes and can make good use of her ultimate’s knock back effect. You can also pair her with champions that can overwhelm enemy teams.

If you’re a newbie, Veigar is a great choice. He has a great one-shot potential and burst damage. In addition to that, he has an awesome cage that stuns enemy champions. This allows you to unleash a high damage combination on your opponents. This makes him the ideal mid lane champion.

Misconceptions about Qiyana

Many people had preconceived notions about Qiyana when she first released on the PBE. Her kit and damage numbers were considered weak and she was banned frequently, but this did not stop her from gaining popularity. In Season 11, Qiyana has improved drastically and now boasts a very solid 7 to 10 percent pick rate in Diamond+.

Qiyana’s early game is strong, but her basic attacks are not very effective against minions. Luckily, the Q can be used as a poke attack, which deals a healthy bonus to enemies’ health.