how to pronounce league of legends champion names

When it comes to naming champions in League of Legends, there are some general rules. Names should be easy to say in most languages and should have some significance. In addition, they should be interesting to say. Here are some examples of champion names and how to pronounce them.

Xin Zhao

If you have ever played the esports game League of Legends, you may want to learn how to pronounce the champion names. There are several ways to pronounce the names of champions. First, you should know that the name of Xin Zhao is based off of a famous chinese war general named Zhao Yun. In Chinese, the name Xin Zhao is pronounced “suh-wa”.

The name “Veigar” means “power” or “strength”. In addition, it was inspired by the main QA analyst at Riot, Veigar Bouius. Veigar is tall in real life, and is pronounced “vay-gar.”


The first time you hear the name “XenZhao,” you might wonder how it came to be. The character comes from the Dragon Age II game, and is based on Chinese general Zhao Yun. The name was originally XinZhao, but this was changed in the game’s development, and it was later changed to XenZhao.

While the name was originally intended to be an alias of the game’s main designer, it was later discovered that the name was actually derived from an actual character in the game. It’s also an etymology of the latin word nasus, which means “nose”. It is also a play on the word dyr, which means “savage beast” or “monster”. In addition, it’s a reference to the word “dyr” in Old Norse, where it means “emotional state”.

Xan Irelia

When choosing a champion name, you need to make sure that it is simple to say. Most names are derived from a single word or a combination of words. A name for a champion should be easy to pronounce and interesting to say. Thankfully, there are several rules to keep in mind when choosing a champion name.

If you’re unsure of how to pronounce a champion name, it might be a good idea to consult a translation. For instance, Veigar means “strength and power” in Icelandic. In addition to being a reference to Riot’s former president, Ashly came from the ice-world Freljord. Similarly, the word “azir” means “strength” in the ancient Arabic language. The name is also an anagram of the word “arise”.

Xan Irelia’s full name

Xan Irelia is the full name of the young Ionian woman who defeated the Noxians in the first episode of the new Game of Thrones series. She has a mystical connection to the Ionian Spirit and is trained in ancient dances. She also levitates deadly blades. As a result of the Noxians’ occupation of her native Ionia, Irelia was forced to become a resistance leader to save her home.

The Blade Dancer passive is Irelia’s most powerful ability. It grants her bonus Attack Speed and damage on hit. In addition, it heals her when she strikes an enemy. This effect is also useful for refreshing Bladesurge’s cooldown. In addition to healing, Irelia can charge her attack, which reduces the damage taken from her attacks.