Improving Your League of Legends Win-To-Loss Ratio

If you’re looking to improve your win-to-loss ratio in League of Legends, you might want to consider getting a champion with strong support capabilities. Such champions can make the difference between winning and losing a match. In League of Legends, the win-to-loss ratio is the total number of wins divided by the total number of losses. The win-to-loss ratio is a useful tool to compare champions and determine who’s the best.

TDK’s win-loss ratio

TDK’s win-loss record in the League of Legends Championship Series is not good. They ended the split 0-9, and even though they have a nice roster, their overall win-loss ratio isn’t very high. However, the team is still in the challenger league and may make a return to the LCS at some point in the future.

Immortals/T8’s win-loss ratio

When examining Immortals/T8’s game statistics, it’s hard to deny that both teams are quite balanced. Their kill-death ratio is a decent 0.97, and their combined kills per minute are about 0.49. This means that they’re a close matchup, but they have fewer deaths than the majority of teams. In addition, they have a longer game-time average than other teams.

The Immortals’ vision control is a strong strength, but their early game is a weakness. Their average game time is 38 minutes, which is second-most in the LCS behind only TSM, who have a more balanced early game. They have difficulty snowballing their early game, which would be a problem if they had a weaker midgame.

The Immortals’ greatest strength has been late-game decision-making. According to Oracles Elixir, Immortals have the second-highest “Mid/Late Game Rating” (MGR), which attempts to predict the probability of a team winning the game in the last 15 minutes. Immortals’ current rating of 14.4 is one point better than Cloud9, 16 points ahead of TSM, and 25 points higher than Team Liquid.

Cloud9 is the team with the highest win-loss ratio in the NA LCS, but Fnatic is steadily approaching them. Their first two seasons saw them finish 30/33 while their second seasons saw them go 29/33. Despite their mixed LCS records, Counter Logic Gaming has always qualified for the playoffs.

Average win percentage

The average win percentage in League of Legends is the number of games that a player has won. It varies depending on game mode, skill level, and other factors. The higher the win rate, the better. However, the average win percentage for a typical player is usually around 50%.

The winrate improves with time. A good winrate is more than 50%, but it is difficult to maintain that ratio for hundreds or thousands of games. A 50/50 win rate would put a player in the Gold 3 division. MMR is also affected by the win rate, because players with low winrates don’t gain as much LP as players with higher winrates.

You can check your win rate by using your League of Legends client. You can also compare champions’ performances. These statistics are useful for analyzing your game style and staying motivated. However, it is important to note that these tools do not provide any official information from Riot games Inc.