Improving Your Positioning in League of Legends

When you play League of Legends, it is important to have a strong understanding of how to position yourself correctly. In order to do this, you should always be aware of your surroundings and the abilities of your enemies and allies. There are a few things you can do to improve your positioning in League of Legends.

Duo position

The Duo position in League of Legends is an essential position in the game. Its primary function is to help the team win games. As such, duo players should not expect easy carries and should focus on thinking about winning strategies. Ideally, they should be playing with someone who is at least as good as they are.

Tank position

One of the most important positions in the game is the tank. A tank is a very selfless player who will always put the team’s interests first. The tank role is often played in the top lane, but can also be found in the jungle and mid lane. As a tank, your job is to protect the carries and other team members.

AD carry position

The AD carry position is the most impactful role on a team in League of Legends. This is the person whom the allied team revolves around and whom the enemy team attempts to eliminate. It is therefore a difficult lane to play. This guide aims to introduce the ADC position and explain the responsibilities and duties that this position requires.

Support position

When playing a Support in League of Legends, the Support should be positioned behind the AD carry. This way, the Support can harass enemies and poke them when necessary. In addition, the support should be able to secure a minion if necessary.

Tanks in the bot lane

One of the most underrated classes in League of Legends is the Tank. Tanks specialize in absorbing damage and build items with bonuses to health, magic resist, armor, healing, and shields. They are extremely useful for carrying games and supporting allies, and they are available in every role. Tanks are particularly good at dealing with ADCs in the early game and squishy mid laners in the middle.

Tanks in the top lane

In League of Legends, tanks play an important role for their team. As their survivability is high, they can survive a lot of damage and assist other players. A tank can also give kills to the jungler to help their team break the lane.

Supports in the bot lane

Supports in the bot lane have a variety of roles. These players can help carry the bot lane, provide healing, buff the team’s capabilities, and gank. They can also act as a strategy player for the team by offering vision.

Supports in the top lane

A support’s role is to initiate fights, deal damage over time, and peel enemies away from the carries. A support isn’t necessary for every champion in the top lane, however, and some champions can be played without one. Alistair, for instance, is a strong knock up champion without the need for a support.