League of Legends 2022 Missions – A Quick Guide

You’ve probably seen a lot of content in the League of Legends 2022 expansion, but did you know that there’s a whole new set of missions coming out? You can choose from the Spirit Blossom mission line, the Tales from the Rift mission line, and the Unknown act mission line. In this article, I’ll go over each of them and give you a quick guide to them.

Spirit Blossom mission line

Originally teased at the Anime Expo, Spirit Blossom is a new League of Legends event, bringing new champions and skins into the game. The new event features a quest line with rewards for completing certain tasks. Players can also acquire Spirit Bonds, which they use to earn rewards.

The Spirit Blossom event will consist of three parts, which will be available until the end of November. During the event, players will be able to acquire the new Bewitching, Empyrean, and K’Sante prestige skins. The Spirit Blossom event is the first part of a three-part event, which will feature new skins and a revamped event pass.

The Spirit Blossom mission line will be available for players on October 6 at 3pm CT and will run until November 15 at 1:59AM CT. A second mission line based on the new Halloween-themed Bewitching skins will be available from Oct. 20 at 3pm CT.

The Spirit Blossom event will also feature four new official skins, including Yorick, Aphelios, Darius, and Evelynn. There are also five more champions available to purchase during the event. The Spirit Blossom skin line can be purchased with tokens you earn during the event.

The Spirit Blossom event in League of Legends 2022 has a branching storyline, which means that players can choose which quests they want to complete. Each mission will have a different set of requirements, but they are not impossible to complete and will also give players Event XP, which can be used to earn more skins and finish the battle pass faster.

Tales from the Rift mission line

In League of Legends 2022, there will be three distinct storyline objectives: the first part, “Spirit Blossom,” features the Bewitching skin, and the second part, “Tales from the Rift.” There’s no word on when the third set will arrive, but we know that it will begin on October 20 and run until November 15 of that year.

Rift Herald: This character spawns in the Baron pit before Baron is killed, near the 20-minute mark. Rift Heralds can deal massive damage, and they are great for taking the first turret in the game. However, while summoning the Rift, players must make sure that they channel quickly enough. If they are interrupted by a team member or hard crowd control, they will fail. It’s best to channel out of combat, but keep your vision focused on the enemy team.

Unknown act

The League of Legends 2022 event is already live, and you can check out its missions, skins, and rewards. There will be four chapters in the event, and you’ll need a certain amount of Starlight to clear each act. For instance, the mid-boss will require 45 Starlight, and the final boss will require 90 Starlight. This event will also introduce four new Orbs for players to earn.

The event is a massive celebration of Worlds and offers three different storyline objectives. The first set is Spirit Blossom, while the second is Tales From the Rift and includes Bewitching skins. The third set is still unnamed, but it’s expected to be Empyrean. It will be available from Nov. 3 to November 15 and will award 3,900 battle pass XP and a bonus Worlds 2022 Tour mission.

League of Legends 2022 is one of the largest in-game events. The game offers a range of events, including quests and mystery objectives. In addition to the league-wide events, the game also offers a number of free and paid skins. For example, you can unlock the skins of champions that sided with Valoran City. The skins are a unique way to earn League of Legends XP, which is valuable in the game. In addition, players can earn rewards if they complete the missions, which include rare items and other loot.