League of Legends 3v3 Map Guide

A League of Legends 3v3 match is a great way to test your skills against other players. However, a team must work together in order to win. There are four primary objectives that teams can pursue in a match. These objectives are Dominion, Dark Star Singularity, Summoner’s Rift, and Twisted Treeline.


Dominion is a capture-and-hold game mode in League of Legends. It was introduced on 04-Aug-2011. Before the announcement, little information was available about this new mode. However, the developers did heavily promote it during the Kalamanda storyline in Journal of Justice.

Dominion is composed of five capture points. To capture one of them, right-click on it and place your Champion within its range. After capturing the point, your Champion will channel for a certain amount of time. You can reclaim a captured point by channeling twice. However, if the point has already been captured, the game will gradually return to neutral.

Twisted Treeline

Twisted Treeline in League of Legends was first introduced in 2009 as a custom game mode. Later on, it was added permanently to the game. It gained popularity due to its unique gameplay. The map was massive and had a jungle feel, which gave players a variety of ways to experience different champions. It also featured a new mechanic called altars.

In Twisted Treeline, champions must cross two lanes to reach their nexus. These lanes are protected by numerous turrets, which increase in strength as the champion approaches the nexus. The champion must work cooperatively with his team to win. The basic strategy involves one player in each lane and the jungle in between.

Dark Star Singularity

Recently, League of Legends added a new game mode, Dark Star Singularity, which adds a whole new dimension to 3v3 matches. Played as the Chain Warden Thresh, the game mode lets players battle on a map resembling outer space. This map features three players per team and uses special abilities to give Thresh an edge over his opponents. With a lantern and hooks that fly farther, Thresh can score points by dragging enemies into the Dark Star. Likewise, his abilities automatically save his team if one of his teammates is disabled.

As for the gameplay itself, Dark Star Singularity is a fast and unique way to experience League of Legends. It’s a best-of-three-round game mode, so players can get in and out quickly. The game is incredibly fun, and the fast-paced nature allows players to grind IP and get key fragments quicker.

Summoner’s Rift

Summoner’s Rift is a 3v3 map in League of Legends. The objective of the game is to destroy the nexus, or base, of the opposing team. To do this, players must traverse the map’s three paths and attack the weakest points. Turrets defending the opposing team’s lane must be killed before they can reach the main base. In addition, players must work together with their fellow summoners to survive the game. Moreover, they must avoid being ambushed.

Summoner’s Rift is the most popular game mode in League of Legends, and is the most played map in 3v3 games. This map features epic monster Vilemaw, lockable altars, and two creep lanes. The map was given a redesign and new items in 2012 in order to attract more players to the game. Riot Games has been monitoring the number of players in the three-vs-three game mode for some time now, and has made a number of changes and additions to make it better for both casual players and pro gamers.

Summoner’s Rift ranked games

Summoner’s Rift is the main map in League of Legends, with three lanes on which players can duel, farm, and use their champions. It was introduced in 2009 and has since gained a huge player base. It features gorgeous aesthetics, as well as three unique game modes.

There are several ways to win Summoner’s Rift. There’s the Normal match (which doesn’t award LP) and the Ranked match, which allows players to compete with other players of the same rating. In a ranked game, two players can queue for the game, or three if they opt for the flex queue.

Summoner’s Rift normal games

Summoner’s Rift’s normal games are non-ranked matches where players compete against each other. They are available once you have reached summoner level 3. Normal games can be queued solo or with 1-4 players in premade teams. You’ll be matched with random opponents or teammates based on hidden matchmaking ratings. Since normal games are PvP, they also offer higher XP rewards.

Using the Rift can provide a variety of advantages in combat. For example, the Scryer’s Bloom will allow you to see nearby enemy champions in a small circular area. Then, the Stalker’s Bloom can give you a bonus movement speed towards enemy champions that have been revealed. In addition, Stalker’s Bloom reduces wards to one health. You can also purchase wards to help you overcome the Fog of War, which is the dark area around the map.