League of Legends Annie Support Guide

If you’re looking for a good support in League of Legends, you can’t go wrong with Annie. Annie’s flash-ult-AoE stun is very strong and makes her a solid choice in TFs. However, other supports can often out-strengthen Annie, such as Thresh, BC, or the Lantern Safes. The strength of Annie’s support is heavily dependent on the composition of your team and the other supports you have. Some team compositions will benefit more from her abilities than others, and her win stats in Solo Queue are relatively low.

Cosmic Drive

League of Legends Annie is a dangerous child mage with great pyromantic power, who lives in the shadowy mountains north of Noxus. Her natural affinity for fire manifested early in life, but she learned to control her emotions. To protect herself from dangers, Annie summons her teddy bear, Tibbers, to act as her fiery protector.

Annie’s burst damage and magic penetration make her a formidable pick in the midgame. She can also use items like the Sorcerer’s Shoes and Zhonya’s Hourglass to play more aggressively, allowing her to burst enemies faster and gain movement. The latter can be used in conjunction with Pyromania to win trades and combos.


The Morellonomicon is a League of Legends Annie support item that increases your damage and burst damage. This item is especially useful if the enemy team is healing heavily and Annie has to use Burst damage to survive. The Morellonomicon also grants extra HP, AP, and magic penetration. When you damage enemies with spells, you will also apply Grievous Wounds for three seconds. If you want to add even more burst damage to your Annie support, you can use abilities, runes, and items.

The Morellonomicon also increases Annie’s survivability by preventing enemy champions from healing after Annie’s burst engages. It is also useful for supporting duos and carries in the bot lane. You can also get it as a starter item for a mage support. It increases Annie’s survivability and ability power, and also reduces her cooldown. The Morellonomicon is a great item to use for Annie if you are looking to get the best performance out of your League of Legends game.

Luden’s Echo

Luden’s Echo is a Legendary item that costs 3000 Gold and grants you extra Damage and Movement Speed. It also triggers when you do damage or move. It’s very useful for clearing waves and bursting down enemy Champions. You can get one to help you win games if you’re playing a support champion.

The Luden’s Echo’s passive provides 70 health to your ally and grants your ADC 100 damage. While this isn’t as strong as Liandry’s Echo, it’s still a decent item to have. When you’re worried about being burst down too quickly, the Crown is a better choice.

Infinity Orb

The Infinity Orb is an upgraded magic item that increases the ability power of your champions. It adds 60 ability power and 200 maximum health. It also increases the damage dealt to enemies that are below 35% health by 20%. It is the ultimate item to equip when playing a champion that is focused on doing damage.

The Infinity Orb is a powerful support item that helps a champion deal more damage to enemies. This item provides bonus damage for 3 seconds and will double if the enemy is immobilized or slowed. The Infinity Orb also provides a significant amount of damage, especially when used in the middle of a team fight. The Infinity Orb is also a great way to trade during the laning phase.

Annie’s Q

Annie is one of the most reliable supports in the game, and she has great AP ratios. She’s also great at bot lane ganking. However, you should be careful playing Annie as a support, because she’s not ideal for building Pyromania stacks. She should be paired with an ADC who can bait out stuns, and you should be sure to itemise against her damage.

Annie’s Q support is a great support that can start team fights. She can set up death bushes, and can even wait until an enemy is walking to throw her Tibbers R. Annie’s CC is great, and she can be very effective against champions with low health.


Tibbers is Annie’s ultimate summon and it deals a massive amount of magic damage in a wide area of effect. It prioritizes enemy champions. The minion can be targeted with spell effects and she also procs on-spell effects. It is an excellent support champion that can disrupt an enemy team if she’s in the right position.

Tibbers is the most important aspect of Annie’s kit. It’s a useful skill that will enable you to one-shot enemy carries during late game. When used correctly, the ability can win the game for you.