League of Legends Anti Tank Items and Champions

In League of Legends, the best way to defeat a tank is to use anti tank items and champions. There are many different types of anti tank items that can be used by players, and they can make or break your team. If you’re building an anti tank champion, you should build an anti tank item that can damage them. Irelia is a perfect example.

Athene’s Unholy Grail

If you’re looking for a powerful anti-tank item, you can find it in the top tier of League of Legends. It costs 2500 Gold and gives you +55 Ability Power, +40 Magic Resistance, and +10 Ability Haste. It also has excellent passives.

This item has a healing bonus based on the damage your champion deals. You’ll also get a bonus to attack speed. In addition to that, it grants additional magic damage. However, if you’re playing an allied champion, you should go for the Staff of Flowing Water. It also activates your shield if you’re hit.

Divine Sunderer

The Divine Sunderer is the best anti-tank item for the Fighter class in League of Legends. It is a powerful anti-tank item with low cooldowns that can be used to deal massive amounts of damage to the enemy. It is best used against Duelists and Bruisers, as its damage will be boosted based on the enemies max health.

The Divine Sunderer makes Jax and Fiora almost unkillable, and the item also grants them extra Armor and Magic Penetration. This gives them a huge advantage against the tank. In addition, DS allows Jax to penetrate both armor and MR, which is an advantage that no other champion in League of Legends can match.

Liandry’s Anguish

The Liandry’s Anguish in the League of Legends anti tank items has been improved from its previous version by adding new passives. It now deals up to 7.5% of a unit’s maximum health over three seconds. It also has a component that applies AP to damage over time. These passives can be very beneficial for tanks, especially squishier targets.

The DOT was originally quite effective on tanks. It gave them a lot of health and ability power. It also granted them bonus move speed. It was also good for certain mages and assassins. However, it was eventually replaced by the mythic Liandry’s Anguish.

Lord Dominik’s

If you’re looking for a piece of anti tank gear, Lord Dominik’s Regards will suit your style perfectly. This item builds armor penetration and stacks critical strike chances. It also gives you a 15% damage bonus against enemies. In addition to this, the Giant Slayer passive allows you to deal extra damage to tanks. You can also pick up the Serylda’s Grudge, a 3200 gold item that grants you a 15% damage bonus when attacking an enemy champion with more max health than you.

The second piece of Lord Dominik’s anti tank gear is his Staff. This item is one of his most basic tools, giving him damage, critical strikes, and armor penetration. Armor Penetration is an extremely useful skill against tanks, as it reduces the armor by 30%. This ability is especially useful when playing against a team that has full AD and is full of tanks.

Athene’s Anguish

Liandry’s Anguish is one of the mythic items in League of Legends. It grants its user an extra 5 Ability Haste and increases their spell-casting rate. It also has some good passive effects. Despite its name, it is far from a typical anti tank item.

This mythical item costs 3400 Gold and requires Noonquiver, Cloak of Agility, and a Pickaxe. The effect of the item boosts the champ’s abilities, giving it an additional 25% attack speed, and 20% critical strike chance. It also has a passive effect that gives it an additional 50% attack speed. It also triggers the on-hit effect.

Divine Glaive

Divine Glaive is an anti-tank spell and item that can boost damage and stun opponents. It can also increase damage in late-game games, which is especially useful for support heroes. However, not all support heroes are good candidates for this spell. The main reason for this is that this spell is best used against heroes with thick magic resistance.

A tank is a champion with high health that can be difficult to deal with. They also tend to have defensive stats that make them difficult to shred. Anti-tank items can counter this.