League of Legends Aoshin

League of Legends Aoshin is a powerful hero in the game. She can fire lightning strikes to deal 185/275/2000 magic damage. Her attacks also reduce the target’s current Mana. She has two other special abilities. Her lightning strike can reduce the mana of a nearby target.

Teamfight Tactics Set Seven

After the long wait, League of Legends has finally released the much-anticipated new TFT set for Dragonlands: Teamfight Tactics Set Seven. This set aims to revolutionize the way you play Teamfight Tactics by including new traits and gameplay mechanics. It also introduces several new dragon-themed champions and skins, as well as a new battle pass. Players can also look forward to new scenery backgrounds and augments.

The teamfight tactic set also features a new dragon, the storm dragon, which is considered the guardian of the natural world. While Ao Shin did not make the cut for the League of Legends champion lineup, his inclusion in this TFT set makes him the king of dragons. The Storm Dragon is a tier-five dragon, and costs 10 gold. It has a high damage output and can be used to eliminate enemies, but is expensive.

Legendary Tempest Dragon

Aoshin is one of the highest-damage TFT units in League of Legends. The Lightning Charge ability grants him bonus attack speed and stuns nearby enemies. After eight seconds, Lightning strikes the battlefield, causing enemies to take damage. Aoshin’s ultimate deals massive damage and deals crowd control. He is a great all-around champion for almost any comp and works extremely well with other Tempest champions.

The Summer Splash Ao Shin ability is another cool feature of the Legendary Tempest Dragon. It deals massive damage and is extremely durable. The ability also gives the player an amazing range. This makes him an excellent carry unit.

Summer Splash Ao Shin

The League of Legends Summer Splash Ao-Shin is a Legendary Tempest Dragon. He can chill your foes whenever his mana pool fills up. In addition to chilling your foes when their mana pool fills up, he also has a unique animation and sound effect.

Aurelion Sol

The rework of Aurelion Sol in League of Legends will be the first comprehensive champion rework in the game’s history. The space dragon god’s abilities have been in need of a major overhaul for some time. The current kit has caused the champion to be forgotten by most players, but Riot is aiming to change all that with a new CGU. The new CGU will start from scratch with a completely new design, while keeping the aesthetics and thematics of the champion. This new CGU is slated for a Season 12 drop.

Aurelion Sol has two options when it comes to teamfighting. The first is to position himself behind the frontline and whittle away distant enemies using Celestial Expansion. The second option is to save your Starsurge to thwart enemy assassins. Using the Voice of Light, Aurelion Sol can also blow back enemies and wither their health bars. However, this tactic requires a beefy frontline.


Shyvana is a magical creature with the magic of a rune shard burning in her heart. She often appears as a humanoid, but can transform into a dragon at will, causing great damage with her fiery breath. In the game, she saves Jarvan from death. This powerful dragon is exclusive to League of Legends, a fantasy RPG from Riot Games, Inc.

Shyvana’s basic attacks deal massive magic damage and stuns enemies. Her ability Fireball deals massive damage and stuns opponents for 1.5 seconds, and she can also aggro backline carries with her Flame Breath.


Sivir is a legendary fortune hunter and mercenary captain who plys her trade in the deserts of Shurima. Armed with a jeweled crossblade, she has won countless battles for those with deep pockets. She has earned a reputation for her fearless resolve and unceasing ambition. Her quest to recover buried treasures lands her in a position of conflicting destinies.

When playing Sivir, it’s crucial to consider how to laning your support. While you may be tempted to spell shield Cait’s traps, this makes you vulnerable to ganks and Taric stun. The best strategy is to save your spell shield for the support. This move, while predictable, can lead to devastating results.