Ashe is a beautiful Freljordian archer. She is the direct descendant of the legendary Queen Avarosa, one of three sisters who ruled over the scattered tribes of northern Valoran. She has the same bow abilities as her ancestor, and has earned the title of The Frost Archer. Though she is a literal Princess among her people, she prefers to refer to herself as a tribal leader.

3D model of Ashe

Creating a 3D model of the Ashe bow in League of Legends is not difficult, but you should follow a few simple steps to get the best result. This model is based on the official League of Legends art. Some modifications may be necessary to make the model look its best, such as slicing it to fit a particular printer. If you want to customize it even further, you can add custom supports or ropes to the model. It also needs to be assembled using superglue.

Basic attacks

Ashe’s passive ability gives her a nice boost in mid and late game. It grants her a buff to attack speed and reduces opponent movement. It also provides a great boost in combos. You can stack the ability up to five times. This skill is also useful for spotting enemies.

Ashe’s arrows deal 20 physical damage and slow enemies 20%-30% for two seconds. It is also important to note that Auto-Attacks against enemies that have Frost will deal extra damage. Frost is not permanent, and it will deplete to normal strength over a second.

Ashe’s minions are good at blocking all-ins and can even poke out enemies under the tower. Their high health also helps them freeze waves. Moreover, their E Hawkshot charge will prevent the enemy ADC from dropping vision. Q Ranger’s Focus is also very useful for Ashe in the lane.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow

Using the Enchanted Crystal Arrow can give you a lot of advantages. It deals damage to enemies and stuns them. It also hurts nearby enemies. However, you have to be very careful while using this skill. In order to make the most out of it, you should pay special attention to where to place it on the map. If used properly, it can lead to a great victory for your team.

The enchanting crystal arrow is one of Ashe’s unique weapons. It’s a rare weapon, and Ashe can only use it on certain types of enemies. The arrow also gifts a bit of tundra to the target. Ashe is the original champion and has great versatility in battle. The game’s skin roster includes various skins for Ashe, each with its own concept and amount of work. Ashe’s most recent skin update adds new textures to her clothes and introduces white particles for her Frost Shot.

The Enchanted Crystal Arrow in League of Legend’s Ashe Bow can be a powerful tool in teamfights. It can be used to initiate and end fights. It’s especially useful for revealing units in the brush. It also slows all the enemies around the main target.


Ashe is an amazing champion with great mobility. She has the ability to hit multiple targets with one attack, while her other abilities, such as Volley and Hawkshot, increase her damage over time. This champion is a great carry in League of Legends, but you will need excellent support to use her to her full potential.

The passive ability of Ashe can be very helpful for farming. It will slow down your opponents, and will increase your attack speed. It will also reduce the movement speed of your opponents, which will increase your combo possibilities. Ashe can stack two hawk spirits at a time, and these hawks are useful for spotting enemies or junglers.

Ashe’s longbow has several unique features that make her a powerful champion. It is also equipped with golden feathers and floating wings, but they are only weakly connected to her longbow. Ashe’s golden-tipped arrow features a blue trail surrounded by golden feathers. However, her classic frost bow has a less attractive golden feather. The Ranger’s Focus is an alternative option. It is a powerful ranged weapon, which has thick arrows and can be transported around.