League of Legends Away Status Hack

If you want to cheat in League of Legends, there are two ways to change your ‘Away’ status. One way is to deceive your opponent by changing it manually. The other way is to cheat in-game by deceiving the game’s system. Let’s take a look at both methods.


The Deceive League of Legends away status hack is a simple and convenient way to hide your location and appear offline. You can use this tool to stay anonymous and hidden from your friends. It is also available for Valorant. This hack is safe and works on all servers. You can use this hack to change your game status from “online” to “offline” or from “mobile” to “away”. Using Deceive is not as complicated as other hacking methods and is completely legal and safe.

To use the Deceive hack, you must launch the League of Legends game in admin mode. Then, if the game gives you an error message, make sure you run it in admin mode. You can try to restart your PC after several minutes to see if the issue is resolved. Once you do this, you will no longer receive error messages.

Deceive can be a useful tool to hide your location while playing League of Legends. If you happen to see a League of Legends player offline, you can use this hack to appear offline. This hack is safe for all servers and can help you gain an advantage. In addition to using Deceive, you can also try the Command Prompt method. This method is more reliable. The best thing about Deceive is that it is 100% legal and will work on any server.

‘Away’ status

If you’re away from your PC, you can still communicate with your teammates via League of Legends’ away status. Unlike other games that have offline statuses, you can change your status whenever you’d like. To change your status, simply type the appropriate command in the command box.

Away statuses are convenient for players who like to play in a quiet atmosphere. In League of Legends, this means playing offline, or in offline mode. However, you have to be careful not to give out your true status when playing offline. It’s a good practice to play in offline mode to focus on your game.

League of Legends allows players to communicate through their client, and this includes voice and text chat. Players have friends on their friends lists and random people in the game’s chat. However, they may not want to be bothered with random messages. By setting their away status, they can avoid annoying their teammates.

Cheating in League of Legends

Cheating in League of Legends is a big problem, but Riot Games is trying to address the issue. There are already several anti-cheating countermeasures available in the game, and the anti-cheating team is focusing on finding these exploits and bringing them to light. The game’s anti-cheat team consists of data scientists and analysts who are working to identify and combat cheaters.

One of these measures involves receiving zipped files containing text files. To download such files, make sure you have the latest OS and notepad++. Then, open the zipped files. You’ll find a folder with text files inside, and simply select the one you’d like to open. Then, you’ll be able to view unlimited reports. If you’re interested, make sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Changing it manually

To change the away status of a player in League of Legends, you must log into the game. To change your status, you can go to the “Settings” menu and find “Away Status.” You can also change your status manually. Type “/away”, “/busy”, “/dnd”, “/brb,”/available” into the command box to make the change.