League of Legends Blue Guide

There are a few things that can help blues to gain an edge on their opponents. One way is to use pick and ban. It’s more than just a snarky way to annoy your opponent on Twitch. If you use pick and ban correctly, you can win a game. There are also certain patches where blues can pick their first champion.


Chests are items that can be found in the game. Currently, chests are awarded to players that reach a S-grade or higher in a matchmade game. It’s also possible to obtain chests by playing with friends who have reached this grade. These chests have an additional 10% chance of dropping a key.

One of the easiest ways to farm blue essence is to farm champion shards. Players are given these champion shards after leveling up, completing events, and other activities. These shards are then disenchanted in the shop for a small fee, making unlocking champions easier.

The game features new chests every month. Players who reach a certain level can unlock a Hextech Chest, which contains several skins that allow players to create their own heroes. Hextech Chests also come with a variety of useful items. A few of these can help you upgrade your character’s stats.


League of Legends players can earn Blue Essence by completing missions. These missions vary in difficulty and reward different amounts of Blue Essence. Some of the missions can even boost your XP and rank. While most of the missions can be completed easily and quickly, there are some that will require more time to complete and require more skill to complete. If you are looking to gain a large amount of Blue Essence, you should try challenging yourself by taking on the harder missions.

The Spirit Blossom mission set will be available from Oct. 6 at 3pm CT and will remain available until Nov. 15 at 1:59am CT. Players can also get a new set of missions based on the Halloween-themed Bewitching skins. The new mission line will run until Nov. 15 at the same time as the Spirit Blossom mission line. However, players should note that these new missions can only be completed once.

In addition to new players, there are also many returning blue missions. Some of the more popular blue missions are the Swyrgeim quests, which require level 15 players to be level 15. The quests require players to bring Swyrgeim a drink on a hot day. In return, players can earn dye and glamour systems. The latter allows players to customize the appearance of their gear.

Champion shards

League of Legends has added the possibility to combine champion shards to create unique cosmetic items. This allows players to create a new champion or make an old one stronger. There are also a variety of ways to obtain Champion Shards, such as completing quests and buying them in the store. However, players should know that these items can only be used to unlock a champion once. If you don’t plan on using your Champion Shards for competitive play, you will not have access to them unless you buy the game.

One way to get more Champion Shards in League of Legends is to increase your Honor rank. When you gain enough Honor, you will receive a Champion Shard, which you can use to unlock a new champion. However, you can also use your Champion Shards to disenchant champions. Another way to gain more Blue Essence is by completing League of Legends missions.

League of Legends has two primary currencies: Blue Essence and Riot Points. You can purchase Champions in the store using Blue Essence. Champions can cost anywhere from 450 to 7800 BE. The price of champions varies depending on the level and newness of the champion.

Summoner’s Rift

The Summoner’s Rift in the new League of Legends Blue expansion has undergone some major changes. A new arcade map has been added and the map’s look and feel have been improved. A new shopkeeper has been added to the arena. The new shopkeepers have animal-like features like Banthas. There are also three new drakes, each with its own unique abilities.

Summoner’s Rift is reminiscent of the Dota map in a number of ways. The first is that it has a river through it, separating the red and blue sides. The blue side is known as the ‘Radiant’ lane, while the red side is known as the ‘Dire’ lane. In addition to the lane, there are other areas within the jungle that players can explore.

As with all other lane types in League of Legends Blue, the Summoner’s Rift features multiple lanes, objectives, and neutral monsters. In addition, players can place vision wards throughout the map. This enables them to play vision set-up, vision denial, and tracking the enemy jungler. However, you must keep in mind that Summoner’s Rift is a team game, so you must work together as a team to get the best outcome.