League of Legends – Blue Side League of Legends

In League of Legends, the blue side has various advantages over the red side. They can counter adverse sololanes and botlanes, and are generally more concerned with staying alive than winning a lane. The red side also has the advantage of having strong fort tanks, but the blue side can counter their picks and botlanes.


RNG dominated Blue Side League of Legends last night. It wasn’t just one or two instances; the same could be said for a variety of other games as well. No team was able to consistently sustain a gold lead, and RNG was able to do it with almost every single game. During a match, the Blues never managed to hold a gold lead for longer than ten minutes. Furthermore, their counterplay was nonexistent, and by the end of the game, T1 only had three kills. Interestingly, their second kill came at fifteen minutes, and their final kill came under twenty-one minutes.

After the finals, T1’s community called out the coaching staff, and even criticized the losing side coin toss. Polt had claimed that the team’s loss was due to RNG, despite the fact that he had played on the blue side in every single game. The community criticized this claim, and pointed the finger at T1’s bot lane decisions and their failure to ban Gwen.


The PSG blue side pulled off an upset over JD Gaming in the opening game of the tournament. Picking off LvMao before his minions even spawned, PSG was able to quickly take control of the jungle. Their First Blood enabled them to push forward and end JDG’s siege early, giving them a huge gold lead.

The PSG Talon started the game like a house on fire, matching their opponents’ RNG early on. Doggo and Kaiwing secured multiple kills in the early minutes. Hanabi teleported into the bottom lane to blow open the game.


In League of Legends, the Blue side has a slight advantage over the Red side in certain objectives, such as acquiring the first tower. In addition, the blue team has slightly more dragons, rift heralds, and barons, and these are important aspects of the early game. The early game is often the most crucial stage, and it can decide who will win the game.

This disadvantage can be exploited by the red team, but it is not without advantages. In League of Legends, for example, the blue team has an advantage over the red team in terms of camera angle and sight. Knowing how to exploit these advantages can help the red team. In addition to knowing your opponents’ weaknesses and strengths, practice can give you the edge that you need to win.

Royal Never Give Up

After making the MSI 2016 playoffs and qualifying for Worlds, Royal Never Give Up was unable to win the tournament. Their finals place was 3-4, losing to the Korean team SK Telecom T1. However, the team stuck together for the Summer Season and placed second at Worlds 2016. They also managed to qualify for the World Championships, but lost 1-3 to SK Telecom T1.

Royal Never Give Up took a lead early and then used pick composition and tools to secure the lead. They were able to keep up with the T1 team, despite not being able to compete in the team’s facility due to COVID-19 restrictions. They had a 3,600 gold lead, which put pressure on RNG.